Three Renaissance Pieces For Treble Voices

Three Renaissance Pieces For Treble VoicesThree Renaissance Pieces For Treble Voices, Notenbuch

A wonderful set of three tremendous songs by composers from the Renaissance era. All in delightful settings for SSA Upper Voice choir, edited by Jerry Weseley Harris.

Two cheerful and energetic pieces by Thomas Morley and one affected yet glorious piece by Thomas Weelkes. Besides their obvious musical talents these two contemporaries shared not only a Christian name and occupation, but also an acquaintance with William Shakespeare and the patronage of Queen Elizabeth I. It is unsurprising that the music of these two contemporaries of the Renaissance period have survived and it is only fitting that works by these two friends should appear in this one edition.

Aye Me, Alas, Hey Ho [Weelkes, Thomas]; Love Learns By Laughing [Morley, Thomas]; Though Philomela Lost Her Love [Morley, Thomas]

Noten für: SSA/PFA,SSA,Frauenchor & Klavierbegleitung
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Notenverlag: Shawnee Press
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