Thomas Arne: Alfred

Thomas Arne: AlfredThomas Arne: Alfred, Notenbuch

A secular cantata edited by Alastair Mitchell.The purpose of bringing out an edition of nine pieces of the original 28 from The Masque Of Alfred is to provide choirs/orchestras with interesting, unusual eighteenth-century music, and a work of practical length for concert purposes. The work is an evocation of rural England as it was during Alfred`s reign and gives some insight into his character.

Arise Sweet Messenger; Genius Of Britannia`s Isle; Hear, Alfred Hear; If Those Who Live In Shepherd`s Bower; March, With A Side Drum; Nymphs And Shepherds Come Away; Overture; Rule Britannia [Arne, Thomas]; Tho` Storms Awhile

Noten für: SATB,PFA/TEN/SOP,SATB, Gemischter Chor & Klavierbegleitung/Tenor/Sopran
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Notenverlag: Novello & Co Ltd.
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