The Undying Flame: Ballads And Songs of The Holocaust

The Undying Flame: Ballads And Songs of The HolocaustThe Undying Flame: Ballads And Songs of The Holocaust, Notenbuch mit CD

A stirring collection of 100 rare songs from the Holocaust. Written in 16 different languages, with English translations for each one.

A Mol Iz Geven A Mayse (I`ll Tell You All A Story); Als Ob (As If); Ani Ma-amin (I Believe); Anton Scmidt; Aroys Iz In Vilne A Nayer Bafel (In Vilne Was Issued A Brand New Decree); Asma Asmaton (Song Of Songs); Aso Kapa Vallamon (On My Shoulder, Spade And Hoe); Auschwitz; Auschwitz-leid (Auschwitz Song); Bad Blockhaus (Blockhouse Resort); Ballade Von Der Judenhure Marie Sanders (Ballade Of The Jews`-whore Marie Sanders); Bella Ciao (So Long Dear); Buchenwald-leid (Buchenwald Song); Bukhenhal`dskii Nabat (Buchenwald Alarm); Children Of Poland; Dachau Leid (Dachau Song); Das Einheitsfrontlied (The United Front Song); Das Ende(The End); Das Judische Kind (The Jewish Child); Denmark 1943; Der Hof-zinger Fun Varshaver Geto (The Street Singer Of The Warsaw Ghetto); Der Reisepass Erzahlt (The Passport Relates); Det Har Vi (This Have We); Die Kosmopolitin (The Cosmopolitain); Die Moorsoldaten (The Peat-bog Soldiers); Die Novaks Aus Prag (The Novaks From Prague); Die Thaelmann-kolonne (The Thaelmann Column); Die Westerbork-serenade (The Westerbork Serenade); Diese Emigranten! (These Emigrants!); Doch Auch Fur Uns Kommt Mal Die Zeit (Yet Soon For Us Will Come The Time) Dopis (The Letter); Domovina (Homeland); Embross Elas (Forward Elas); En Meg Most Kicsi Vagyok (I Am Still A Little Child); Far Vos Iz Der Himl? (Say, Why Was The Sky?); Frauenlager (Women`s Camp); Gehat Hob Ikh A Heym (Oh, Once I Had A Home); Gib A Brokhe Tsu Dayn Kind (Bless The Child That Cries To Thee); Hans Beimler; Ich Hab` Kein Heimatland (I Have No Native Land); In Kriuvke (In The Dugout); Io Tumany Moyi (Oh, The Fog); Itsik Vitenberg; Jarama Valley; Kak U Duba Starovo (Standing Near The Old Oak Tree); Kakh Tsu Di Eygelekh (Now Close Your Little Eyes); Katiusha; Lady Of The Habor; Last Train To Nuremberg; Le Chant Des Partisans (The Song Of The Partisans); Le Maquisard (The Resistance Fighter); Leid Der Internationalen Brigaden (Song Of The International Brigades); Lid Fun Bug (Song Of The River Bug); Los Cuatro Generales (The Four Insurgent Generals); Mah Ko Mashma Lon (What Is The Meaning); Maj 1945 (May 1945); Mayn Mame Hot Gevolt Zayn Af Mayn Khasene (My Mother Wanted So To See My Wedding Day); Mein Vater Wird Gesucht (My Father, He Was Tracked); Minutn Fun Bitokhn (Moments Of Confidence); Mir Leben Ebig (We Live Forever); M`khol Masada (Oh, Masada); Motele Fun Varshaver Geto (Motele From The Warsaw Ghetto); Motyl (Butterfly); My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage; Neyn, Neyn, Neyn (No, No, No); Nit Keyn Rozhinkes, Nit Keyn Mandlen (Neither Raisins Nor Almonds); O Mis Hermanos (O My Brothers); Parpar (Butterfly); Partigiani In Montagna (Partisans On The Mountain); Pasnia Belostokskikh Partizanov (Song Of The Bialystok Partisan); Przed Ostatnia Podroza (Before The Last Journey); Rain Falls Down In Amsterdam; Rivkele Di Shabesdike (Rivkele, The Sabbath-widow); Scarpe Rotte (Worn Out Shoes); S`dremlin Feygl (Birds Are Dozing); Sholf, Mayn Kind (Sleep My Child); Shtil, Di Nakht (Still The Night); Si Me Quieres Escribir (If You Want To Write To Me); Skharkhoret (Dizzy); Svyashchennaya Voina (The Sacred War); Tattoo; Theresienstadt; Theresienstadt Fragen (Theresienstadt Questions); Theresienstadt, Die Schonste Stadt Der Welt (Theresienstadt, The Best Town In The World); Transport; Treblinke (Treblinka); Tsi Darf Es Azoy Zayn? (And It Must Be This Way?); Tsigaynerlid (Gypsy Song); Tsu Eyns, Tsvey, Dray! (So, One, Two, Three!); Und Die Musik Speilt Dazu (And The Music Plays On); Undzer Mut Vet Nit Gebrokhen (Our Courage Is Unbroken); Unter Der Gelber Late (Under The Yellow Patch); Unter Di Khurves Fun Poland (Under The Ruins Of Poland); Varshe (Warsaw); Venga Jaleo (Join In The Struggle); Vilner Geto Lid (Song Of The Vilna Ghetto); Viva La Quince Brigada (Long Live The Fifteenth Brigade); Vu Ahin Zoll Ikh Geyn? (Where, O Where Shall I Go); Warszawo Ma (My Warsaw); Waterlooplein (Waterloo Square); We Didn`t Know; Wenn Ein Paketchen Kommt (When A Small Package Comes); Wir Singen E

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