The Essence Of Afro-Cuban Percussion And Drum Set

The Essence Of Afro-Cuban Percussion And Drum SetThe Essence Of Afro-Cuban Percussion And Drum Set, Notenbuch und CD

An in-depth study of all the percussion instruments, rhythms and song styles of Afro-Cuban music, along with their applications to the drum set. Detailed technical studies of each instrument are presented along with notations of many rhythm styles. The entire rhythm section (parts for bass, piano, horn section, string section, tres and guitar) is also studied in detail. The book comes with two CDs that include performances of each percussion instrument, drum set, all rhythm section instruments, as well as examples of all musical styles with full instrumentation in score form.

[Unknown]; A Note About 6/8 Styles; Abakua; About This Presentation; Additional Technical Exercises; Afro 6/8 With Backbeat; Arrangements, Charts, Notation, And Terminology; Audio Index And Guide; Background Information; Bata; Bolero; Bomba And Plena; Bongos; Cha Cha Lokua Fun; Cha-cha; Charanga; Clave – The Instrument And The Rhythm; Conga De Comparsa; Congas – Tumbadoras; Danzon; Glossary; Guajira; Guajira In 6/8; Guiro; Guiro And Bembe; How To Learn And Practice This Material; Introduction; Joropo; Mambo; Maps Of Cuba, The West Indies, Africa, The Caribbean And Related Regions; Maracas; Merengue; Mozambique; Part 1 – The Percussion Instruments; Part 2 – The Rhythm Section And The Songstyles; Part 3 – The Drum Set; Pilon; Quijada And Vibra-slap; Rumba Columbia; Rumba Guaguanco; Shekere – Agbe; Significant Artists And Ensembles; Son; Songo; Son-montuno; Suggested Listening And Reading; Summary – Part 1; Tambora; The Bombo-bass Drum; The Cowbells And The Hoe Blade – The Guataca; The Palitos And The Gua-gua; The Percussion Instruments; The Rhythm Section; The Songstyles And Scores; Timbales And Timbalitos; Tips For Getting The Right Sound And Feel

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