Take The Lead: Big Hits (Violin)

Take The Lead: Big Hits (Violin)Take The Lead: Big Hits (Violin), Notenbuch mit CD

Now you can be the featured soloist on eight specially recorded arrangements. The book contains carefully selected and edited violin arrangements including chord symbols in concert pitch. The accompanying CD has full, professionally arranged and recorded backing tracks and full demo recordings to help you learn the songs.

5 Colours In Her Hair [Mcfly]; Air Hostess [Busted]; Amazing [Michael, George]; Changes [Osbourne, Kelly] [Osbourne, Ozzy]; Mysterious Girl [Andre, Peter]; Single [Bedingfield. Natasha]; Sunrise [Jones, Norah]; The Show [Girls Aloud]

Noten für: VLN,Geige
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Notenverlag: I.M.P.
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