Samuel Barber: Dover Beach Op.3 (Voice/Piano)

Samuel Barber: Dover Beach Op.3 (Voice/Piano)Samuel Barber: Dover Beach Op.3 (Voice/Piano), Notenbuch

Barber`s setting of a text by Matthew Arnold, arranged here for Voice and Piano. The lowest note is a B below Middle C and the highest note is an F (1 1/2 octives above Middle C). The composition, originally set for Medium Voice and String Quartet, displays Barber`s exceptional skills as a songwriter and the piece is one that the composer recorded and performed himself on several occasions. The nature of the music is characteristic of Barber`s greatest melodies, combining apparently simple tonalities with underlying dissonances is a manner that captures the emotional timelessness of Arnold`s poetry.
The string parts for the quartet and voice arrangement are available (Catalogue No. GS341380)

Dover Beach Op.3

Noten für: VCE/PFA,Gesang & Klavierbegleitung
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene
Notenverlag: G. Schirmer
Noten Informationen und Preis bei Musicroom: Samuel Barber: Dover Beach Op.3 (Voice/Piano)

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