Paul Westwood: Bass Bible Book/ 2CDs

Paul Westwood: Bass Bible Book/ 2CDsPaul Westwood: Bass Bible Book/ 2CDs, Notenbuch und CDs

The Bass Bible is the ultimate literature for every bass player! Packed inside is a fascinating journey around the world of techniques, styles, groves and their evolution throughout history.

Paul Westwood`s book is highly practical and comprehensive with over 1000 exercises, studies and arpeggios to practice, play and perfect. This compendium is like four-books-in-one with everything from Basic Grooves through Latin, African and World music styles to more advanced techniques such as Slap and Pop.

Also included are two terrific CDs, with examples of all the exercises and excepts from the book for people with little or no experience of reading music or just to hear exactly how they should sound.

African Music; African Riffs; Basic Grooves; Blues And R&b; Bolivia; Boogie Lines; Book Five; Book Four; Book One; Book Three; Book Two; Brazilian Samba; Cameroon; Chile; Chord Sequences And Imrovisation; Chuck Rainey And Atlantic Records; Colombia; Cuban Mambo; Cuban Rock; Double Time Latin Riffs; Guinea; Jaco Pastorius – Fretless Bass; Jamaican Reggae; James Brown And Funk; James Jamerson And Motown; Larry Graham & Mark King – Slap Bass; Latin Music; Latin Riffs; Latin Styles; Mali; Mexican Mariachi; Natural Harmonics; North Africa & The Middle East; Peru, Ecuador; Republic Congo (Zaire); Rock; Salsa; Scales, Arpeggios And Scale Exercises; Somalia; Soul; South Africa & Soweto; Spanish Flamenco; Stanley Clark; Synthesizer Bass; Techniques; The Five Basic Vowels; Ultra Moderne Soltude; Walking Bass Lines; Zimbabwe

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