Paul De Keyser: Violin Playtime Studies (Solo Violin)

Paul De Keyser: Violin Playtime Studies (Solo Violin)Paul De Keyser: Violin Playtime Studies (Solo Violin), Notenbuch

Violin Playtime Studies is a first anthology of established and newly-composed studies for the young Violinist. Taking as its starting point the one 0ctave scale of D major, and remaining in first position throughout, it may be used in conjunction with the violin Playtime series. This combination of short, purposeful studies enlivened by delightful illustrations will ensure that `study time` is never dull!

Birdsong; Chugging Along; Climbing The D Major Scale; Courageous Crotchets [Dancla, Charles]; Czech Folk Song; Dreaming [Dancla, Charles]; Galloping Arpeggios; Gavotte [Handel, George Frideric]; German Folk Song; Gliding: Two Legato Studies; G-String Landler; Hornpipe [frescobaldi, Girolamo]; Legato Leaps [Dancla, Charles]; March; On Parade; Puppet On 2 Strings; Rowing On The Lake; Snakes And Ladders [Dancla, Charles]; Steeplechase [Dancla, Charles]; The Bees` Polka [Wohlfahrt, Franz]; The Bouncing Ball; The Donkey; The Little Jester [Brahms, Johannes]; The See-Saw; Third Finger Geography [Dancla, Charles]; Tick-Tock Quavers; Trumpet Tune [Corrette, Michael]; Tyrolean Dance [Campagnoli, Bartolomeo]

Noten für: VLN,Geige
Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Notenverlag: Faber Music
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