Paganini/Wieniawski: Caprices And Etudes For Violin

Paganini/Wieniawski: Caprices And Etudes For ViolinPaganini/Wieniawski: Caprices And Etudes For Violin, Notenbuch

Paganini and Wieniawski were two of the most famous violin virtuosos of the 19th century, and composers of a number of the most treasured masterpieces in the violin repertory. Here, in a comprehensive playing edition, are three of their most celebrated works for solo violin: Paganini`s innovative Caprices, Op. 1 and Wieniawski`s major collections of studies, l`Ecole Moderne, op. 10 and Etudes-Caprices, op. 18. Paganini`s twenty-four Caprices are a virtual textbook of the phenomenal technical breakthroughs that he achieved, showing off his trail-blazing array of fingered octaves, double, triple and quadruple stop chords, and `ricochet bowings`. Wieniawski`s etudes fuse unmistakeable Slavonic colours with his already formidable technique and are, like Paganini`s Caprices, among the most demanding works in the solo violin repertory, and essential parts of every professional violinist`s training

1. Le Sautille; 2. La Velocite; 3. L`etude; 4. Le Staccato; 5. Alla Saltarella; 7. La Cadenza; 8. Le Chant Du Bivouac; Caprice No.1 In E-flat Major; Caprice No.10 In G Minor; Caprice No.11 In C Major; Caprice No.12 In A-flat Major; Caprice No.13 In B-flat Major; Caprice No.14 In E-flat Major; Caprice No.15 In E Minor; Caprice No.16 In G Minor; Caprice No.17 In E-flat Major; Caprice No.18 In C Major; Caprice No.19 In E-flat Major; Caprice No.2 In B Minor; Caprice No.20 In D Major; Caprice No.21 In A Major; Caprice No.22 In F Major; Caprice No.23 In E-flat Major; Caprice No.24 In A Minor; Caprice No.3 In E Minor; Caprice No.4 In C Minor; Caprice No.5 In A Minor; Caprice No.6 In G Minor; Caprice No.7 In A Minor; Caprice No.8 In E-flat Major; Caprice No.9 In E Major; Caprices For Violin, Op.1 (Paganini):; Etude-caprice No.1 In G Minor; Etude-caprice No.2 In E-flat Major; Etude-caprice No.3 In D Major; Etude-caprice No.4 In A Minor; Etude-caprice No.5 In E Major; Etude-caprice No.6 In D Major; Etude-caprice No.7 In C Minor; Etude-caprice No.8 In F Major; Etudes Caprices For Violin, Op.18 – With The Accompaniment Of A Second Violin; Exercices En Trilles; Les Arpeges: Variations On The Austrain National Anthem; Ultra Moderne Soltude; Veritables Preludes Flasques

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