Keep A Goin' (Männerchor)

Keep A Goin' Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-BL962 Noten Informationen und Preis: Keep A Goin' Youtube Video zu ‚Keep A Goin'‘: → Keep A Goin'

Old Dan Tucker (Männerchor)

Old Dan Tucker Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-BL966 Noten Informationen und Preis: Old Dan Tucker Youtube Video zu ‚Old Dan Tucker‘: → Old Dan Tucker

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Luz y Sombra (Männerchor)

Luz y Sombra In May of 2013, NDSU and ACDA co-sponsored the Choral Symposium: Music of the Americas. It has produced friendships and great music from across the Americas. This piece was selected for publication in the new Music of the Americas Multicultural Series from North Dakota State University, edited by Dr. Michael Weber. It […]

Young Men Sing! (Männerchor)

Young Men Sing! Develop enthusiasm and skill with this value packed collection for young men that will add to your repertoire and be fun to rehearse! Includes these classic arrangements: Rise Up Shepherd and Follow, Shoshone Love Song, Sinner Man, This Train, Worried Man Blues. Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00154721 Noten Informationen und […]

Seize The Day (Männerchor)

Seize The Day Now available in a TTBB voicing, this exciting showstopper from the award-winning composer Alan Menken was featured in the Disney film Newsies. Featuring a powerful brotherhood text, it begins with a compelling chorale-like opening and then explodes into a driving rhythm that builds to a riveting climax. Available: SATB, SAB, TTBB, 2-Part, […]

Never Forget (Männerchor)

Never Forget South Korea and the United States have a beautiful relationship and share many values, one of which is undeniably our love of great choral music. Sowol Kim is admired as the founder of modern Korean poetry. This heart-wrenching love poem has been set to music by one of today’s leading Korean composers, Cool-Jae […]

Maiden 'Cross The Meadow (Männerchor)

Maiden 'Cross The Meadow Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-BL963 Noten Informationen und Preis: Maiden 'Cross The Meadow Youtube Video zu ‚Maiden 'Cross The Meadow‘: → Maiden 'Cross The Meadow

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Hope (Männerchor)

Hope Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Shawnee Press Inc. 35030548 Noten Informationen und Preis: Hope Youtube Video zu ‚Hope‘: → Hope

I'll Be There in Glory (Männerchor)

I'll Be There in Glory Uses: General, Memorial Scripture: I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 21:27 Now available for men’s voices! Creatively combining the gospel hymn favorites A New Name in Glory and When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder, this toe-tapper is guaranteed to please! Sure to become a favorite for your choir, this anthem is […]

Steel Drivin' Man (Männerchor)

Steel Drivin' Man Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-CM9489 Noten Informationen und Preis: Steel Drivin' Man Youtube Video zu ‚Steel Drivin' Man‘: → Steel Drivin' Man

I Want To Walk As A Child (Männerchor)

I Want To Walk As A Child Performed at the ACDA National Convention in 2017, this fabulous hymn was composed in the 1970’s by Kathleen Thomerson. Already a popular song in churches throughout the world, Tom Trenney’s arrangement has the charm to make it a popular concert piece as well. The message is enriching and […]

You Do Not Walk Alone (Männerchor)

You Do Not Walk Alone Commissioned by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington D.C., this new voicing becomes even more meaningful in turbulent times. This traditional Irish blessing speaks of those who give support in times of trial with a musical tapestry of unadorned, a cappella mixed chorus. The occasional divisi creates a sonic wash […]

More Than Words (Männerchor)

More Than Words The band Extreme topped the Billboard charts in 1991 with this acoustic ballad recreated by Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black on The Tonight Show. A great song to build intonation skills and style! Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00158241 Noten Informationen und Preis: More Than Words Youtube Video zu ‚More Than […]

Kansas City From Oklahoma (Männerchor)

Kansas City From Oklahoma Everything’s up to date in this classic Broadway favorite from the musical Oklahoma! An excellent feature for men’s groups from high school and up. Available: TTBB. Performance Time: Approx. 3:00. Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 08621232 Noten Informationen und Preis: Kansas City From Oklahoma Youtube Video zu ‚Kansas City From […]

Sanctus (Männerchor)

Sanctus Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-BL970 Noten Informationen und Preis: Sanctus Youtube Video zu ‚Sanctus‘: → Sanctus

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