I Am With You (Männerchor)

I Am With You With the goal to inspire inner strength and confidence in youg people, this new piece by Derrick Fox for young men is a wonderful addition to the repertoire. The chance for success in life is exponentially greater when we know we can take chances and there is a safety net there […]

El Chuchumbé (Männerchor)

El Chuchumbé Selected for the new Music of the Americas Multicultural Series from North Dakota State University, this zesty piece hails from Mexico. The encouraging message is that chuchumbé will reach you whether things go good or bad. It is similar to saying the rhythm or dance of life will positively infect you no matter […]

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Shenandoah (Männerchor)

Shenandoah Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00153447 Noten Informationen und Preis: Shenandoah Youtube Video zu ‚Shenandoah‘: → Shenandoah

Shine On Me (Männerchor)

Shine On Me Now available for male voice choir! This traditional spiritual is set in an easy gospel swing with three partner-style melodies that all combine in the final chorus for an audience-pleasing finish! Super easy to learn and lots of fun to sing, it’s great for choirs of all levels! Available separately: SATB, SAB, […]

My Spirit Looks To God Alone (Männerchor)

My Spirit Looks To God Alone Introducing Four Shape Note singing to your young singers, this arrangement from the Sacred Harp is full of energy. Young singers will relate to the positive message and they will be surprised that 19th century music can be so much fun to sing. Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: G. Schirmer […]

Star Of Light (Männerchor)

Star Of Light Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-CM9487 Noten Informationen und Preis: Star Of Light Youtube Video zu ‚Star Of Light‘: → Star Of Light

Ride On, King Jesus (Männerchor)

Ride On, King Jesus Now available for men’s choir, this exuberant work represents some of Moses Hogan’s best compositional statements and is a powerful concert feature for better choirs! Extraordinary in every way! Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 08753673 Noten Informationen und Preis: Ride On, King Jesus Youtube Video zu ‚Ride On, King Jesus‘: […]

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Tell My Father From The Civil War (Männerchor)

Tell My Father From The Civil War Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 02501096 Noten Informationen und Preis: Tell My Father From The Civil War Youtube Video zu ‚Tell My Father From The Civil War‘: → Tell My Father From The Civil War

Ticket To Ride (Männerchor)

Ticket To Ride From the movie Help!, this was one of the incredible series of #1 hits by The Beatles. This arrangement for guys is crafted to be successful for middle school TB choirs and offers all the appeal of the original recording. Available separately: TB, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: 2:00. Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal […]

Lean On Me (With We Shall Overcome) (Männerchor)

Lean On Me (With We Shall Overcome) Beginning with the key anthem from the civil rights movement,We Shall Overcome, Mark Hayes leads the singer into Bill Wither’s song Lean On Me, creating a powerfully moving ballad of inspiration, hope, and courage. The orchestration adds even more spirit and this voicing is a wonderful choice for […]

Iddemdem Malida (Männerchor)

Iddemdem Malida Iddemdem Malida is an Itneg (Philippines) victory chant. This creative arrangement begins with some improvised solos over a pedal tone, along with wind and bird sounds. Then the real chant begins with a building rhythm and energy that drives to the very end. Powerful footstomps and hand claps bring even more vitality to […]

I'm Gonna Sing 'Til The Spirit Moves In My Heart (Männerchor)

I'm Gonna Sing 'Til The Spirit Moves In My Heart Now available in men’s and women’s groups settings, the multi-layered texture of this powerful original spiritual is both challenging and invigorating. Duration: ca. 2:10. Noten für: Männerchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00121745 Noten Informationen und Preis: I'm Gonna Sing 'Til The Spirit Moves In My Heart […]

Vair Me O (Männerchor)

Vair Me O Your men’s choir will show their sensitive side with this lovely Scottish folksong from the Outer Hebrides. Translating loosely as Bring me o’er, dear one, this lyrical work expresses the pain of being far from home and missing one’s love. Mostly in English, this will be an excellent selection for contest or […]

The Colorado Trail (Männerchor)

The Colorado Trail The Colorado Trail is an American cowboy song and it is a real trail stretching from Denver, through the Rocky Mountains, and ending near the town of Durango. If you travel this trail from beginning to end it requires strength and perseverance and the travelers will be weary by the time they […]

Benedictus (Männerchor)

Benedictus Randall Johnson is a master at combining traditional and jazz styles. The Latin Benedictus text harkens to an ancient time, and after a solemn start, the music suddenly breaks into a fast and festive roll. Selected for the Randy Stenson Male Chorus Series, this is a great high school or festival number. This piece […]

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