Start A Fire (Kinderchor)

Start A Fire This signature song by John Legend is from the 2016 cinematic tribute to Los Angeles La La Land and captures the funny and charming mood of the film through a jazz/pop fusion that is totally irresistible! A perfect selection for choirs of all ages! Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00225731 Noten […]

My Shot (From Hamilton) (Kinderchor)

My Shot (From Hamilton) From the Tony and Pulitzer prize winning musical Hamilton here is an accessible arrangement for young choirs. With rehearsal guides and ideas for teaching and learning, your young singers will relate to the American revolutionaries who had hopes and dreams for their future. Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00249674 Noten […]

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Under One Sky (Kinderchor)

Under One Sky Harmony and passion combine with soaring results in this inspirational single by The Tenors! Choirs of all ages and levels will enjoy lifting their voices in song in this setting crafted to showcase them at their best! Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00156334 Noten Informationen und Preis: Under One Sky Youtube […]

Elijah Rock (Kinderchor)

Elijah Rock This driving spiritual is placed in a well-crafted setting for younger choirs. An excellent choice for beginning ensembles. Available: 2-Part, 3-Part Mixed. Performance Time: Approx. 2:30. Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 08551275 Noten Informationen und Preis: Elijah Rock Youtube Video zu ‚Elijah Rock‘: → Elijah Rock

Disney Classics Medley (Kinderchor)

Disney Classics Medley Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 08744546 Noten Informationen und Preis: Disney Classics Medley Youtube Video zu ‚Disney Classics Medley‘: → Disney Classics Medley

Witness (Kinderchor)

Witness With the finely crafted vocal arranging of Roger Emerson, this powerful spiritual can’t miss on your next program. In the style of Sinner Man and Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel, this selection works wonderfully for young voices with its syncopated rhythms and carefully selected vocal ranges. A winner! Available: 2-Part, 3-Part Mixed. Performance Time: […]

Disney: The Movies The Music (Kinderchor)

Disney: The Movies The Music Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney! Celebrate 75 years of Disney magic and some of the music that helped make that magic happen with favorite songs from the movies of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Little […]

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Winter's Cold (Kinderchor)

Winter's Cold The contrast between the cold of winter and the warm rays of light found in nature at this time of year, make this ideal for emerging choirs looking for secular seasonal repertoire. Conservative vocal ranges, cued optional notes, text painting, and a canonic second part all add to the accessibility of this piece. […]

Cripple Creek (Kinderchor)

Cripple Creek Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00244982 Noten Informationen und Preis: Cripple Creek Youtube Video zu ‚Cripple Creek‘: → Cripple Creek

Lava (Kinderchor)

Lava From the Disney/Pixar short film that accompanied the 2015 hit movie Inside Out, this sweet lava story will have everyone singing along! Perfect for adding ukuleles, this is a perfect encore or change of pace for all types of concerts! Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00151548 Noten Informationen und Preis: Lava Youtube Video […]

On The Shoulders Of Giants (Kinderchor)

On The Shoulders Of Giants Join us as we pay tribute to leaders and heroes who have come before us and paved our way so we can live as we do today. Ben Franklin – author, inventor, scientist, diplomat – there’s nothing he can’t do! At the ‚great invention convention‘, learn about the contributions of […]

The Sound Of Silence (Kinderchor)

The Sound Of Silence Now available in a Discovery Series edition for young choirs, this #1 hit from 1966 by Simon and Garfunkel offers lots of opportunities for developing choral skills while connecting the generations through music. Available separately: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:20. Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00124652 Noten […]

Antiphonal Sanctus (Kinderchor)

Antiphonal Sanctus Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00142433 Noten Informationen und Preis: Antiphonal Sanctus Youtube Video zu ‚Antiphonal Sanctus‘: → Antiphonal Sanctus

With Angels Sing (Kinderchor)

With Angels Sing This 17th century text is given a modern treatment. With a quick tempo and a driving piano accompaniment this is an energetic song perfect for a Christmas or Winter concert. Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00255626 Noten Informationen und Preis: With Angels Sing Youtube Video zu ‚With Angels Sing‘: → With […]

Read & Sing Folksongs (Kinderchor)

Read & Sing Folksongs Learn to read & sing a wealth of folksong history from the creative writing of Emily Crocker. Kick up your heels with singing and dancing games, a play party, hoedown, counting out rhyme, spirituals, sea shanty, riverboat work song and much more! Well-written lesson plans take you step-by-step from melody to […]

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