Transcendent Journey (Blasorchester)

Transcendent Journey Written in a grand film score style, this magnificent work opens with a dynamic fanfare featuring soaring brass and woodwind flourishes. Descriptive and evocative with every phrase, including a beautiful slow lyric section, transport your audience on a thrilling musical adventure with this impressive overture! Dur: 5:50 (Grade 5) Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: […]

The Way We Were (Blasorchester)

The Way We Were Written for the 1973 movie of the same name starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, this iconic ballad went on to win an Oscar for Best Original Song and to become a popular standard recorded by countless artists. Nicely arranged for the concert stage. Dur: 2:40 Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal […]

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Take On Me (Blasorchester)

Take On Me Diese ohrwurmartige Melodie wurde 1985 von der norwegischen Popband A-ha aufgenommen und hat sich zu einer der meistverkauften Singles aller Zeiten entwickelt. Paul Murthas eindrucksvolle Version für Blasorchester bietet viel Abwechslung in der Besetzung und behält den aufregenden Geschmack des Originals, einschließlich des charakteristischen half-time-Feelings im Refrain bei. Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: […]

Out Back Of The Barn (Big Band)

Out Back Of The Barn What better instrument to feature on a bluesy bump and grind swinger like this than baritone sax? Written in a medium slow 12/8 feel, this chart will make your entire band sound great, plus allow an often neglected player to really shine. Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 07011817 […]

Stronghold (Blasorchester)

Stronghold Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-PPS30F Noten Informationen und Preis: Stronghold Youtube Video zu ‚Stronghold‘: → Stronghold

September (Blasorchester)

September Dieses klassische Funkstück aus den 70er Jahren wurde von Earth, Wind & Fire aufgenommen und oft in Fernseh- und Filmproduktionen gehört. Es ist eine sichere Nummer, um Energie in Ihr nächstes Programm zu pumpen. Die Melodie wird gekonnt von Section zu Section weitergegeben, so dass jeder Spieler Spaß am Spielen hat, auf seine Kosten […]

Now's The Time (Big Band)

Now's The Time From bebop innovator Charlie Parker. Now’s the Time is one of his more accessible and popular tunes. With limited ranges and easy rhythms, this enjoyable arrangement allows you to teach a bit of jazz history in addition to the band sounding great. Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 07012768 Noten Informationen […]

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Rawhide (Streichorchester)

Rawhide Head em up, move em‘ out! and Rolling, rolling, rolling can best describe this classic Western theme from the iconic ’60s TV series and heard once again in the a memorable scene from the Blues Brothers feature film. Pops programming fun at its very best. Noten für: Streichorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 04491312 Noten Informationen […]

Down By The Riverside (Blasorchester)

Down By The Riverside Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00860954 Noten Informationen und Preis: Down By The Riverside Youtube Video zu ‚Down By The Riverside‘: → Down By The Riverside

Gangnam Style (Blasorchester)

Gangnam Style Recorded by South Korean superstar Psy, here is a very easy version of the clever and catchy dance tune that took the world by storm. Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 04003734 Noten Informationen und Preis: Gangnam Style Youtube Video zu ‚Gangnam Style‘: → Gangnam Style

Manteca (Big Band)

Manteca One of the classic examples of the Afro-Cuban style in jazz, ‚Manteca‘ endures as a true standard. Available here in a version playable by young bands, Michael Sweeney carefully simplifies the complexities of the tune while still maintaining the rhythmic drive and energetic style of the original. Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Hal Leonard […]

Inferno (Blasorchester)

Inferno Am 25. Mai 2011 brach nördlich von Antwerpen im Naturschutzgebiet Kalmthouter Heide ein großer Brand aus. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit gingen mehr als 600 Hektar Heideland in Flammen auf. Die Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt in der Umgebung waren enorm. Bei den Anwohnern, den Verantwortlichen des Naturschutzgebietes, aber auch bei den Feuerwehrleuten, die tagelang unter Einsatz […]

The Lady Is A Tramp (Big Band)

The Lady Is A Tramp Recently recorded by Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga, this popular standard dates from 1937 but sounds as fresh today as ever! Rick’s swinging arrangement skillfully passes the melody from section to section, but features plenty of solid tutti writing as well. Solos (for sax and trumpet) may also be played […]

There's Only So Much Oil In The Ground (Big Band)

There's Only So Much Oil In The Ground Featuring a contemporary sounding groove utilizing even 8th notes, this familiar standard is given a unique treatment in the skilled hands of Mike Tomaro. A trio of tenor sax, trombone and guitar take the lead before yielding to the entire ensemble. The overall style is laid backRecorded […]

Parisian Thoroughfare (Big Band)

Parisian Thoroughfare Based on the classic version recorded by Clifford Brown, this chart opens with a frantic traffic jam effect before settling into a more relaxed uptempo swing style. The melody is first stated by a combo of tenor, trumpet, guitar and vibes, and joined later by the saxes and ultimately the entire ensemble. A […]

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