And Still, The Spirit (Blasorchester)

And Still, The Spirit Dieses Werk basiert auf der Komposition ‚Spirit of the Sequoia‘, welche von Dr. Robert Oertli aus Möhlin (Schweiz) in Auftrag gegeben wurde. Sparke nutzte den kalifornischen Mammutbaum als Metapher für seine Grundidee: Der bemerkenswerte Lebenszyklus dieser erstaunlichen Bäume hängt damit zusammen, dass seine Samen auf die Erde fallen und Wärme benötigen, […]

Echoes Of The Hollow Square (Blasorchester)

Echoes Of The Hollow Square Shaped note singing is an early American tradition handed down from colonial times, and still thrives today thanks in part to the well-known book The Sacred Harp. (Songs from this book were featured in the 2003 motion picture Cold Mountain.) In creating this distinctive and attractive setting for band, Johnnie […]

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Overture On A Hymn Tune (Blasorchester)

Overture On A Hymn Tune Overture on a Hymn Tune is based on ‚The Old Ship Of Zion‘ which is found in the Early American Sacred Harp songbook. Johnnie Vinson uses a fast-slow-fast overture format to give this wonderful melody an appealing setting with plenty of variety and musicality. The slow middle section is a […]

Canticum (Blasorchester)

Canticum MusicWorks – Grade 2 One of the classics of young band literature, this composition by James Curnow is found on many state lists throughout the country. Described as a song of jubilation, Canticum opens with a very distinctive and rhythmic main fast theme. The beautifully melodic slow 3/4 theme alternates between various choirs of […]

Aquia Landing (Blasorchester)

Aquia Landing During the Civil War, this pivotal transportation point located on the Potomac River and Aquia Creek was an important hub for both north and south. In addition, it was a key link in the network of freedom for fugitive slaves. Paul Murtha pays tribute to this historical site with this great-sounding Sousa style […]

The Company Bugler (Blasorchester)

The Company Bugler Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-BPS105F Noten Informationen und Preis: The Company Bugler Youtube Video zu ‚The Company Bugler‘: → The Company Bugler

Symphonic Dances op. 45 (Blasorchester)

Symphonic Dances op. 45 Partitur und Stimmen – 4 x Flöte I, 4 x Flöte II, Piccolo-Flöte (Flöte III), Oboe I, Oboe II, Englischhorn, Fagott I, Fagott II, Kontrafagott (Fagott), Es-Klarinette, 4 x B-Klarinette I, 4 x B-Klarinette II, 4 x B-Klarinette III, Alt-Klarinette, 2 x Bass-Klarinette, 2 x Alt-Saxophon I, 2 x Alt-Saxophon II, […]

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Freedom's Road (Blasorchester)

Freedom's Road Get your beginning band off to a great start on their first concert! This impressive-sounding composition has bold lines for brass and contrasting melodies for woodwinds all with nothing faster than quarter notes (8ths in percussion). Guaranteed success. (1:50) Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 00860546 Noten Informationen und Preis: Freedom's Road Youtube […]

Bang Bang (Blasorchester)

Bang Bang Recorded by the dynamic trio of Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj, this rockin‘ pop hit features a driving tempo, strong melodies with stop-time accompaniment, and plenty of energy throughout! Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 04004183 Noten Informationen und Preis: Bang Bang Youtube Video zu ‚Bang Bang‘: → Bang Bang

Knights Of Destiny (Blasorchester)

Knights Of Destiny This new overture (fast-slow-fast) from Michael Sweeney opens with a dynamic unison statement and features powerful percussion writing throughout. The lyrical slow section includes a short trumpet solo and lush woodwind scoring. Mike’s unique use of harmonies and dramatic effects makes this particularly impressive for younger players. Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal […]

Temblor (Blasorchester)

Temblor Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-FPS146F Noten Informationen und Preis: Temblor Youtube Video zu ‚Temblor‘: → Temblor

Music From Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Blasorchester)

Music From Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Hier ist ein kurzes, aber überaus spannendes Medley aus der Filmmusik zur aktuellen Episode der ‚Fluch der Karibik‘-Saga, geschickt und flexibel bearbeitet von Johnnie Vinson für kleine oder gemischte Ensembles. Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 04005293 Noten Informationen und Preis: Music From Pirates […]

Sailing (Blasorchester)

Sailing Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-CPS170F Noten Informationen und Preis: Sailing Youtube Video zu ‚Sailing‘: → Sailing

The Journey Notebook (Blasorchester)

The Journey Notebook Der Komponist und Arrangeur Marc Jeanbourquin hat ein Arrangement von The Journey Notebook erstellt, das ursprünglich für Blasorchester und Combo geschrieben wurde. Das Stück, das aus verschiedenen kurzen musikalischen Geschichten besteht, lässt alle Instrumentengruppen zu Wort kommen. Eingängige Rhythmen und Melodien sorgen dafür, dass dieses wunderbare Stück ein Muss für jedes Konzert […]

Dashing Through The Snow (Blasorchester)

Dashing Through The Snow Based on Jingle Bells, here is a merry romp through hills and fields as Richard uses a mixture of meter changes, exciting fanfares, unique harmonic and melodic twists, and a sense of joy in this marvelous setting for the holiday season! Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 04000998 Noten Informationen und […]

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