Classic Festival Solos (Tuba) Vol. 2 Solo Book (Tuba)

Classic Festival Solos (Tuba) Vol. 2 Solo Book Classic Festival Solos, Volume II continues to afford the advancing student the opportunity to find performance materials graded from easy to more challenging, including exposure to a variety of musical styles. Many of these works appear on state contest lists. Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Alfred Publishing EL03895 […]

1st Recital Series (Tuba)

1st Recital Series Carefully graded solos from very easy up to early intermediate levels. Includes professionally recorded demonstration/accompaniment CD that allows players to practice and perform with a live piano player. Features 12 outstanding solos by many of today’s finest composers, including James Curnow, Craig Alan, Mike Hannickel, Timothy Johnson and Ann Lindsay. Noten für: […]

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Canadian Brass Christmas Solos Tuba (Tuba)

Canadian Brass Christmas Solos Tuba Ten newly arranged intermediate level solos of Christmas classics. The CD features individual members of the Canadian Brass playing solos (tuba – Charles Daellenbach, trombone – Eugene Watts, horn – David Ohanian, trumpet – Fred Mills & Ronald Romm), plus accompaniment tracks. Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Hal Leonard 50482490 Noten […]

Fun Play Along Duets (Tuba)

Fun Play Along Duets Mit den 16 kontrastreichen Duetten aus der Feder von André Waignein können Tubisten die Grenzen ihres Gehörs ausloten und lernen, ihren Luftstrom besser zu kontrollieren. Patrick Sheridan sorgt auf der Mitspiel-CD persönlich für die Begleitung. Mit seiner professionellen Begleitung oder einem weiteren Spieler bietet sich hier die seltene Gelegenheit, den Klang […]

Practical Studies For Tuba Book 1 (Tuba)

Practical Studies For Tuba Book 1 This first book of Practical Studies is designed to develop chord consciousness and to provide additional experience in the fundamental rhythms, key signatures and articulations and to improve accuracy in reading through the use of interesting and melodic studies. It may be used either to supplement or to follow […]

Smooth Groove for Tuba - Bass Clef (Tuba)

Smooth Groove for Tuba – Bass Clef Smooth Groove is, above all else, a FUN book. It embraces various styles of playing from pop and rock, through to jazz and Latin American rhythms and phrasing. It will be easy and enjoyable to relate to these catchy tunes, whether played with the CD backing, or as […]

Suite For Tuba (Tuba)

Suite For Tuba This is a lyrical and rhythmic suite for Tuba with Piano accompaniment by Don Haddad, comprising a magnificent set of movements that display the flexibility, sonority and artistic capability of the instrument and challenge the player’s technical ability. The solo tuba part is also included on a separate insert. Noten für: Tuba […]

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Style Studies For Tuba (Tuba)

Style Studies For Tuba Nun gibt es endlich ein Buch voll Konzertetüden mit Musik in einer Vielzahl von Stilen, von modernen Komponisten speziell für die Tuba geschrieben! Dieses Buch enthält sechzehn großartige Konzertetüden zur Entwicklung von Ton und Technik und ist darüber hinaus reich an Material für Stilstudien. Auf der Mitspiel-CD (für Tuba in Es […]

Utmost Attack (Tuba)

Utmost Attack OFFBEAT REPERTOIRE FOR TUBA PLAYERS! Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH326 Noten Informationen und Preis: Utmost Attack

Dialogues (Tuba)

Dialogues Includes a CD, featuring play-along and complete versions: Chris Carbone, tuba; Bill Dobbins, piano. ‚Dialogues‘ is a real virtuoso piece with humor, lyricism, rhythmic drive and a unique blend of contemporary classical and jazz vocabulary. Some basic non-jazz improvisation invites spontaneity and offers the potential for ongoing musical development. The work includes 4 movements: […]

Junior Band 2 (Tuba)

Junior Band 2 In vier Kapiteln erweitert der zweite Band der Instrumentalschule Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten des Tubaspiels. Mit der Erarbeitung neuer Tonräume in C-, F-, Es-, As-Dur können neue Stücke und Etüden bewältigt werden, teilweise im Duett oder sogar im Trio. Die Schule besticht durch durchweg praxisorientiertes Arbeiten mit dem Instrument. Neben speziellen Übe- und […]

Let's Play Tuba with Patrick Sheridan (Tuba)

Let's Play Tuba with Patrick Sheridan Let’s Play Tuba richtet sich an alle Tubaspieler, die gerne auch einmal die schönen Melodiestimmen spielen würden, die sie in ihrem Orchester oder Ensemble so oft hören. Dizzy Stratford schrieb für dieses Buch elf Melodien in meist populären Stilen. Die Demo- und Mitspiel-Tracks, vom Meister auf der Tuba Patrick […]

Variations (Tuba)

Variations Limited to a few pitches these variations represent a tour-de-force for the modern tuba player. A group of five notes is repeated and accented in different ways. Gradually single notes within the group are transposed and the odd sung note is introduced. The tempo increases throughout this exhilirating work. Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Edition […]

78 Studies (Tuba)

78 Studies Tuba, Trombone Basse, etc., Etudes Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Alphonse Leduc AL28611 Noten Informationen und Preis: 78 Studies

Breeze-Easy Method For Bb-Flat Tuba Book 2 (Tuba)

Breeze-Easy Method For Bb-Flat Tuba Book 2 The Breeze-Easy Series features instrumental methods for individual and group instruction, created by experienced teachers John Kinyon and Valentine Anzalone. It is designed to produce the best musicianship in the greatest number of students in limited teaching situations. Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Alfred Publishing BE0022 Noten Informationen und […]

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