Early, My God (Gemischter Chor)

Early, My God Commissioned by the Iowa City West Singers and performed at the North Central ACDA 2014, this selection received rave reviews. The sacred text of Isaac Watts makes it fitting for the church but it is really a concert piece. The poem celebrates life and singing. Memley’s writing is gentle and immensely satisfying. […]

The New Moon (Gemischter Chor)

The New Moon Winner of the Edwin Fissinger Composition Competition, this illustrative work has also been selected for the Jo Ann Miller Choral Series. The text by Bliss Carman paints beautiful pictures of the seasons and expresses the joy of love in all. Nicholas Kelly provides a colorful accompaniment and flowing choral lines that surpass […]

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Hodie Christus Natus Est (Gemischter Chor)

Hodie Christus Natus Est This fabulous Christmas piece rings with energy and joy. Ripe with antiphonal qualities, the piece opens with a brief fanfare and proceeds to celebrate the season. A wonderful holiday concert opener for high school, college or community choirs, or for a church anthem. Medium to difficult. Noten für: Gemischter Chor Notenverlag: […]

Ave Verum Corpus (Gemischter Chor)

Ave Verum Corpus The Randy Stenson International Series launches with this stunning a cappella motet by Alejandro Consolacion. Based in Japan, Randy leads seminars throughout Asia and hears beautiful choral music most of us would miss. This anthem pulls at the heartstrings and complements any college, or community choir program. Medium to difficult. Noten für: […]

Dream Land (Gemischter Chor)

Dream Land Voiced for both SSAA and SATB, Kevin Memley displays, again, his command for expressing poetry in song. The musical lines take us into Christina Rossetti’s poem, into her dream, and speaks for all of us at the same time. High school, community and college choirs will embrace the artistry in this concert selection. […]

Invictus (Männerchor)

Invictus Selected for the Jo-Michael Scheibe series, this may be the most powerful song of encouragement for men’s choir on the planet. The William Ernest Henley poem sets the stage, but it is the dynamic musical writing for both voice and piano that rock the house. Opening with a gentle chant establishes the theme, but […]

The Morning Trumpet (Frauenchor)

The Morning Trumpet Arranged for the 2016 Oregon Elementary All-State Choir, Ken Berg selected a Southern Harmony tune. Although a sacred text, like a Spiritual, its historical place in American music moves it easily to the concert hall. A great festival number, it celebrates the glory of the call to heaven. Good for children’s choirs […]

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When All The World's Asleep (Gemischter Chor)

When All The World's Asleep A warm Christmas poem by Sigerson Clifford called the Kerry Christmas Carol is the text that John Milne has set to music. John keeps a hymn-like carol quality throughout, with sumptuous suspensions and satisfying resolutions. The choral writing is so lovely this carol calls to you like great choral music […]

The Rose That Bare Jesu (Gemischter Chor)

The Rose That Bare Jesu Ron Kean has made this famous 14th century English Christmas poem magical. ÿAn enchanted and delightfully charmed sense of mystery overwhelms the listener from the start. A delicate dance ensues and merges themes and text. Jonathan Talberg has selected this medium-difficult piece for his series which caters to college and […]

Autumn Gives Her Hand To Winter (Kinderchor)

Autumn Gives Her Hand To Winter This flowing piece describes autumn in a lovely, captivating way. Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Pavane Publishing 08301762 Noten Informationen und Preis: Autumn Gives Her Hand To Winter Youtube Video zu ‚Autumn Gives Her Hand To Winter‘: → Autumn Gives Her Hand To Winter

There Will Be Rest (Frauenchor)

There Will Be Rest Several superb settings of this moving poem by Sara Teasdale precede this one, but Kevin Memley has earned the reputation to take us somewhere new, even with classic texts. Premiered at the ACDA Western Convention, this SSAA setting with piano is entirely new and gratifying. Always melodic and harmonically fulfilling, this […]

Remember'd Songs Most Dear (Gemischter Chor)

Remember'd Songs Most Dear Who doesn’t remember musical moments in their past, when singing became transcendent and the moment became a memory never to be forgotten? Henry Van Dyke’s poem recalls that time and Matthew Emery, the young Canadian composer attracting everyone’s attention, set it to song. You just want to sing it, that’s all […]

Galop (Gemischter Chor)

Galop Can learning Solfege really be fun? Is it possible to sing a song on Solfege in a concert? Ken Berg answered that question in a big way when, years ago, he wrote the first Galop for young voices. 100,000 copies later, plus an SAB voicing, it seemed only right to release a voicing for […]

Only My Dreams (Frauenchor)

Only My Dreams The poem by Yeats that serves as the text for this Ron Kean piece has been set by many fine composers. Ron’s approach is unique, bringing in overtones through whirlies to add an ultra-spiritual dimension to the impact of the work. Ron’s vocal writing is always careful, pulling lines into one another […]

Hold Me, Rock Me (Gemischter Chor)

Hold Me, Rock Me This is a modern day spiritual. The SATB voicing has been one of the best-selling pieces for many years. Now Brian Tate has given us an SAB edition, perfect for middle school choirs and small choirs. The words are reassuring and positive and tune simply rolls as easy as a gentle […]

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