Cotton Candy (Klarinette)

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy is a quick, light and fun tune intended as a closer or encore on a concert. It is musically simple and the harmonies are typical of cartoon or circus music. The title suggests the gaiety that one would encounter at a town fair or circus, eating ‚food‘ that is nothing but […]

Dodge City (Saxophon)

Dodge City Dodge City is an exuberant piece designed to take you back to the time of the old west. As the title implies, this is a work that will bring to mind stagecoaches and sagebrush, cowboys and cactus, sheriffs and showdowns. Quick and lighthearted, the opening and closing sections frame a lyric middle section. […]

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Variations On Blue Bells Of Scotland (Soloist With Band) (Blasorchester)

Variations On Blue Bells Of Scotland (Soloist With Band) This folk song has been arranged in a theme and variations format for a variety of solo instruments (either a flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, or trombone/euphonium). The band plays the accompaniment figures as well as the break strains. The solo part is very reasonable and […]

Musical Tag (Saxophon)

Musical Tag Musical Tag is a light-hearted work designed to provide some amusement amongst the performers by way of a ‚chase‘ between two voices with the third voice tagging along. Each voice is given melodic material at some point in the piece and the rhythmic skill being emphasized is the two sixteenth-eighth pattern, both ascending […]

Maiden Voyage (Blasorchester)

Maiden Voyage This piece is a song about celebration. Although the term ‚maiden voyage‘ refers to a boat’s first adventure, it can represent any first successful event. Colorful percussion, great rhythmic interest, and memorable themes make this a fun piece to play and ideal for contest or concert use. (2:40) Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Eighth […]

Rough Copy (Saxophon)

Rough Copy This is an original funk tune primarily made up of catchy riffs and licks. Although it is composed in cut time to create a laid back, funk feel, the eighth notes are to be swung. As most of the tune makes use of call and response, all parts should be balanced throughout. Also, […]

William Tell Overture (Blechbläserensemble)

William Tell Overture One of the most popular songs of all time is now available to a young and developing brass quintet. With melody in both trumpet parts and the horn and interesting parts for all, this is a sure success for a quintet with players in the first few years of playing. Technical demands […]

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Abide With Me (Holzbläserensemble)

Abide With Me This beautiful hymn has been arranged to feature all the members in a quintet. This arrangement opens with a short introduction then proceeds through several verses. Each verse is scored differently for interest with the melody wandering throughout the ensemble. Noten für: Holzbläserensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note Publications WWQ2525 Noten Informationen und Preis: […]

Nimrod (Variation No. 9 From 'Enigma Variations') (Blechbläserensemble)

Nimrod (Variation No. 9 From 'Enigma Variations') Nimrod (Variation No. 9 from Enigma Variations) is one of Elgar’s most popular creations. It is often performed as a stand-alone piece and has been transcribed for all kinds of musical ensembles. The present edition makes this work available to brass quartets. Noten für: Blechbläserensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note […]

Variations For Seven Winds (Gemischtes Bläserensemble)

Variations For Seven Winds This difficult new work has been scored for flute, oboe, clarinet in A, horn in F, bassoon, trumpet in C and trombone. This is another brilliant composition by this talented Canadian. The combination of a woodwind quintet with two brass allows for a wide spectrum of colours. The musical lines throughout […]

The Journey Of Invention (Blechbläserensemble)

The Journey Of Invention Inventions have changed our lives. Whether it be the wheel, electricity, car, telephone or the microchip, inventions have allowed us to live better, and sometimes longer, lives. This piece is about the path or journey to these great discoveries. Some of the greatest minds in the world worked tirelessly for decades […]

Largo From Winter From 'The Four Seasons' (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Largo From Winter From 'The Four Seasons' This is a great lyrical solo for a member of the ensemble (either flute, oboe or clarinet). Pizzicato-like accompaniment is played under the soaring legato solo line. This is a great piece that can be played on many occasions. Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note Publications WWE2962 […]

Early One Morning (Blechbläserensemble)

Early One Morning This folk song is particularly notable for its use in a number of well known folk-song arrangements, one by the English composer Benjamin Britten. Noten für: Blechbläserensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note Publications BQ28289 Noten Informationen und Preis: Early One Morning

Bolero (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Bolero As the title suggests, this piece is Spanish in style. After opening with a short fanfare, the melody is then passed equally between the two parts with the lower voices adding rhythmic chords and countermelodies. Fun and energetic, this is a great piece to add some international colour to a concert or special event. […]

La Cumparsita Tango (Blechbläserensemble)

La Cumparsita Tango La Cumparsita was written by Uruguayan composer Gerardo Matos Rodríguez in 1919. It is one of the most famous and recognizable tangos of all time. Noten für: Blechbläserensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note Publications BQ28288 Noten Informationen und Preis: La Cumparsita Tango

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