… rest a moment here (Streichorchester)

… rest a moment here Based on a couple of folk tunes which appear in their proper form once each, … rest a moment here is freely written with good ’scrubbing‘ strings contrasted with beautiful quiet moments. Noten für: Streichorchester Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH39 Noten Informationen und Preis: … rest a moment here

Piano concerto in C major K503 (Klavier)

Piano concerto in C major K503 Any performer of Mozart’s piano concertos must have wondered how those sparsely notated sections would have been realized at the time. No one is better placed to provide an answer than the composer’s own pupil Johann Nepomuk Hummel. The present edition includes a separate piano part, in addition to […]

Musik Werbenetz

London Sonata No. 4 (Violine)

London Sonata No. 4 The sonata in D minor captures the traditional mood of this key: serious-minded and a little plaintive. The second of its four movements, a corrente-like fast movement in triple metre, reminds one of Vivaldi in its insistence on a tiny, constantly repeated musical figure. In the other movements, however, Bitti shows […]

Un sogno a tre (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Un sogno a tre Un sogno a tre for flute, viola and harp was written in 1990 for a trio of young instrumentalists and first performed in the USA. In the enigmatic words of the composer: ‚the piece has no beginning, no middle and no end ?à simply three musicians telling each other something and […]

Sonata op. 70/3 (Klarinette)

Sonata op. 70/3 The present work, which has been realized and edited by the well-known British clarinettist Nicholas Cox, will be particularly suitable for reasonably advanced students of both modern and classical clarinets. Noten für: Klarinette Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH259 Noten Informationen und Preis: Sonata op. 70/3

Klagegesang (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Klagegesang This work uses one of the most popular Chinese folk melodies. The Little Chinese Cabbage, which withers prematurely in the field, is used as a metaphor for an orphan. This lament reflects the tragic destiny of the Chinese people in the past and is therefore popular everywhere and frequently used in arrangements. As people […]

Variations (Tuba)

Variations Limited to a few pitches these variations represent a tour-de-force for the modern tuba player. A group of five notes is repeated and accented in different ways. Gradually single notes within the group are transposed and the odd sung note is introduced. The tempo increases throughout this exhilirating work. Noten für: Tuba Notenverlag: Edition […]

Musik Werbenetz

Lovebytes (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Lovebytes Lovebytes was composed between June 2002 and May 2003, although the third song is a re-working of part of a setting of Adrian Henri’s Harbour which was first heard in 1987 at a concert celebrating Adrian’s work. All three texts were passed to me by their authors to set, in the reverse order in […]

Three 'Dresden' Sonatas (Violine)

Three 'Dresden' Sonatas The three ‚Dresden‘ sonatas published together in this volume are believed to be the first-ever modern edition of any of his chamber music. The edition comes complete with a preface, textual notes, a realization of the continuo part, and separate parts for violin and bass (with figuring). Noten für: Violine Notenverlag: Edition […]

Essai sur l'ennui (Saxophon)

Essai sur l'ennui This work was commissioned by saxophonist Jean-Marc Bouchard, member of the Quasar saxophone quartet. It was composed during the Summer of 2003 in residence at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur in Montreal with support from the Canada Arts Council. Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH99 Noten Informationen und Preis: Essai […]

Chiming (Klavier)

Chiming Chiming is a rather ornamental, contemplative nocturne, the use of piano resonance, together with the way pitches are repeated within the same harmonic fields, suggesting the technique of change ringing and, hence, the title. Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH83 Noten Informationen und Preis: Chiming

Flute Quintet in e minor op. 41/1 (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Flute Quintet in e minor op. 41/1 These delightful, elegant quintets by a contemporary and acquaintance of Haydn and Beethoven are central to the Classical flute repertoire. The music is skilfully constructed, the flute and violin sharing the melodic interest while the other parts provide the harmonic background. By no means lightweight in character, these […]

Sonata in D minor op. 14 (Violine)

Sonata in D minor op. 14 Unlike many of Eberl’s lesser contemporaries, in its duration, formal and harmonic novelty, and in the lively relationship between the violin and keyboard, his Op.14 shares much of the musical ambition and quality of Beethoven’s works in this genre. Noten für: Violine Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH422 Noten Informationen […]

Tread Softly (Streichensemble)

Tread Softly The inspiration for Tread Softly came from two contrasting sources: the religious music of early medieval Spain, and Debbie Locke’s work of art ‚Retracing Your Steps – Bristol I‘. Although over a thousand years apart, these two sources share a common feature – a powerful sense of movement enclosed within a static form. […]

Piano concerto in C major K503 (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Piano concerto in C major K503 Here, for the first time in modern edition, is the third in our series of Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s superb arrangements of seven of Mozart’s piano concertos, the Concerto in C major, K503. Any performer of Mozart’s piano concertos must have wondered how the sparsely notated sections would have been […]

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