Blue Bird Pumpkin (Saxophon)

Blue Bird Pumpkin Like the 1939 Paul Klee painting which inspired it, this original composition for saxophone quartet is a quirky, non-too-serious piece. The solos are ‚open‘ but should be short. It is not necessary to use all four soloists. Care should be taken when changing between the solos for smooth transitions. Noten für: Saxophon […]

Concert For Trombone And Wind Ensemble (Blasorchester)

Concert For Trombone And Wind Ensemble This concerto by the Russian master, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, is one of the most often performed works in the repertoire for trombonists. This edition is an edited version with some changes in the orchestration: a bass clarinet and a euphonium were added to replace some of the instruments in the […]

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The Evolution of Solo Jazz Piano (Klavier)

The Evolution of Solo Jazz Piano The Evolution of Solo Jazz Piano is a study of solo piano styles developed by 24 of the most influential solo pianists from 1900 to the present. In order to clearly illustrate the specific contributions of the various pianists, Bill Dobbins composed a theme based on the well known […]

Aebersold Vol.3 Die II-V-I Verbindung (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.3 Die II-V-I Verbindung II-V-I Verbindungen in allen Tonarten, 120 ausgeschriebene Patterns, Piano-Voicings und Skalenverzeichnis, dt. Noten für: Play Along Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV14003-2 Noten Informationen und Preis: Aebersold Vol.3 Die II-V-I Verbindung

Scungilli (Gemischtes Bläserensemble)

Scungilli Die Inspiration zu Scungilli stammt von einem beliebten italo-amerikanischen Muschelgericht. So, wie dort Sprachen und (Ess-)Kulturen verschmolzen sind, verbinden sich bei Scungilli Jazz-Skalen und frische harmonische Schattierungen. Ein medium up-Tune mit reichlich Platz für Solos! Noten für: Gemischtes Bläserensemble Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV17059 Noten Informationen und Preis: Scungilli

A Kiss in Rio (Saxophon)

A Kiss in Rio Samba-Feeling für Saxophon-Quartett! Valentin Hudes neues Arrangement bringt mit Basis-Rhythmen und einer schönen Melodie sommerliches Flair in den Probenraum. Spielbar mit variablen Besetzungen: SATB, SAAB, AATB, AAAB Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV7475 Noten Informationen und Preis: A Kiss in Rio

Rhythm's Talk (Schlagzeug)

Rhythm's Talk Text: English – français – deutsch ‚Rhythm’s Talk‘ reflects the author’s basic musical philosophies plus some of the concepts he has created or required over the past 15 years as a percussionist with some of the great creative musical forces of our time.Included are Calypso, Merengue and Rumba rhythms, jazz grooves for drum […]

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Die Streiche von Max & Moritz (Sinfonieorchester)

Die Streiche von Max & Moritz Eine Bubengeschichte für Orchester und Erzähler, nach Wilhelm Busch. Noten für: Sinfonieorchester Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV50001 Noten Informationen und Preis: Die Streiche von Max & Moritz

Echoes from a Distant Land (Saxophon)

Echoes from a Distant Land Includes CD, featuring play-along and complete versions: Ramon Ricker, alto saxophone; Bill Dobbins, piano. A moody impressionistic piece set in a rhythmic 9/8 Latin groove with a good balance of composition and improvisation. Medium Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV07033 Noten Informationen und Preis: Echoes from a Distant Land

Ulla in Africa (Streichensemble)

Ulla in Africa Heiner Wiberny has written this joyful composition for his wife Ulla, who has a special affinity for African Music. The listener recognizes immediately the sound and flavor of ‚African Highlife‘ and ‚Latin Funk‘.The composition consists of the following parts:chorale-intro, prelude, ABA-theme, transition, violin- and violasolos with ‚break‘-intros, prelude, AB-theme, Coda.The soloists may […]

The Klezmer Repertoire Vol. 1 (Flöte)

The Klezmer Repertoire Vol. 1 12 Klezmer- Titel, arrangiert für Flöte oder Violine This book presents an interpretation of Klezmer music as it was recorded in the U.S.A. in the early 20th century. The principal stylistic influences have been the 78rpm recordings of two great pioneer clarinetists: Naftule Brandwein and Dave Tarras. The first volume […]

St. Anthony - Chorale (Posaune)

St. Anthony – Chorale Trombone Quartet (bass clef or treble clef):Trombone 1-3 & Bass Trombone/TubaA most beautiful chorale composed by Joseph Haydn, the theme of which was integrated and developed in one of Johannes Brahms‘ orchestral works. This arrangement written for four trombones / Tenorhorns (baritone horns) does not only offer a professional approach to […]

Triosonate Nr. 1 in Es-Dur (Saxophon)

Triosonate Nr. 1 in Es-Dur Bach composed the Trio Sonatas for organ BWV 525 – 530 between 1727 and 1730 when he was Thomaskantor in Leipzig. Bach’s first biographer Johannn Nikolaus Forkel states that he composed them for his son Wilhelm Friedemann, ‚who had to practice them in order to become the great organist he […]

Reflections (Saxophon)

Reflections This is one of Thelonious Monk’s most beautiful ballads. The arrangement tries to look at the piece through all eyes of each of the four saxophones, giving them all a lead voice at one time or the other. Reflections is not a difficult arrangement to play but it takes blending between the saxes and […]

Trance Dance (Saxophon)

Trance Dance This suite was inspired most notably by the saxophone quartets of Phil Woods and was written in a conscious attempt to wed certain stylistic elements of classical and jazz music. The players are not asked to improvise, but the piece does feature sections that sound spontaneous and freely created. The piece is difficult, […]

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