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Noten Modern Jazz VoicingsModern Jazz Voicings
Arrangiermethode für kleine und mittelgroße Ensembles, mit Basic Voicings, Chord Scales, Voicings in Fourths, Seconds, Upper Structures, sowie 6-stimmigen Voicings, 134 S., Berklee Press.

The definitive text used for the time-honored Chord Scales course at Berklee College of Music, this book concentrates on scoring for every possible ensemble combination and teaches performers and arrangers how to add color, character and sophistication to chord voicings. Topics covered include: selecting appropriate harmonic tensions, understanding jazz harmony, overcoming harmonic ambiguity, experimenting with unusual combinations and non-traditional alignments, and many more. The accompanying CD includes performance examples of several different arranging techniques.
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Notenverlag: Berklee Press 50449485

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