Metallica Bass: Riff By Riff Volume 2

Metallica Bass: Riff By Riff Volume 2Metallica Bass: Riff By Riff Volume 2, Notenbuch

The most complete, in-depth analysis of Metalica`s music ever! Features notes and commentary for every riff, plus gear setups.

Ain`t My Bitch; All Within My Hands; Am I Evil?; Attitude; Bad Seed; Better Than You; Bleeding Me; Blitzkrieg; Breadfan; Carpe Diem Baby; Cure; Devil`s Dance; Dirty Window; Fixxxer; Frantic; Fuel; -human; I Disappear; Invisible Kid; Low Man`s Lyric; My World; No Leaf Clover; Prince Charming; Purify; Shoot Me Again; Slither; Some Kind Of Monster; St. Anger; Sweet Amber; The Memory Remains; The Unforgiven II; The Unnamed Feeling; Where The Wild Things Are

Noten für: BTAB(S),Bassgitarren-Tabulatur mit Akkordsymbolen
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Notenverlag: Cherry Lane Music Company
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