Hector Berlioz: Childhood Of Christ (SATB) (English Text)

Hector Berlioz: Childhood Of Christ (SATB) (English Text)Hector Berlioz: Childhood Of Christ (SATB) (English Text), Notenbuch

`The Childhood of Christ`, with its tender and lovely music – scored with the skill and imagination for which Berlioz is famous – is one of the rare Berlioz compositions which was a rousing success from its first full performance and did not provoke controversy amongst the critics. How, indeed, could they criticise him when the centrepiece of the work – the movement `The Flight Into Egypt` – Berlioz had written and performed previously, under the pretence that it was by a fictitious 16th-century composer and thOSE same critics who normally mocked Berlioz`s compositions had admired it immensely!
That centre section told of the shepherds arriving to worship and say farewell to the Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, who have already been warned by the angels to flee towards Egypt. The new opening, `Herod`s Dream` tells of the wrath of King Herod. The final part depicts the Holy Family having arrived in Sais, where the Romans and Egyptians turn them away, but they are given safe haven, finally, by the Ishmaelites. This Schirmer edition of the vocal score includes a full libretto and a piano reduction of the orchestral score.

Childhood Of Christ

Noten für: SOP/TEN/BAR/BASS,SATB,PFA,Sopran/Tenor/Bariton/Bass,SATB, Gemischter Chor & Klavierbegleitung
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene
Notenverlag: G. Schirmer
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