George Gershwin: The Man I Love

George Gershwin: The Man I LoveGeorge Gershwin: The Man I Love, Notenbuch

Gershwin was one of the first composers to introduce into popular songs the rhythms and melodic twists of jazz. One of the best examples is to be found in The Man I Love. It was composed for the musical Lady, Be Good in 1924. The now famous chorus of the song was originally the verse. Gershwin found the verse more pleasing so changed it to the chorus and wrote a new verse for the song. However, the song was dropped from the show before it opened in New York. Three years later is was included in Strike Up the Band, but the entire show closed during tryouts. Once again it was to be included in Rosalie, but vanished. The popularity of The Man I Love was assured when the torch singer Helen Morgan put it in her nightclub act.

The Man I Love

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