Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and WalesFolk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Notenbuch

This beautifully illustrated and easy to use songbook is a unique volume which includes over a hundred folk songs from the British Isles, chosen specifically for the beauty of their words and music. Songs of longing, of love, of the Irish and Scottish rebelions, as well as lullabies, children`s songs, and even a few composed songs which have become a part of the folk heritage can be found in this collection. More than half of the songs in this book are not available in any comparable volume.
Easily played piano and guitar accompaniments are provided, and not only are the Welsh songs newly translated, but phonetic transcriptions of the lyrics are also included so that teh songs may be sung in their original language.

A Highland Lad My Love Was Born; A May Day Carol; All Through The Night – Ar Hyd Nos; Allan Water; An Eriskay Love Lilt – When I`m Lonely, Dear White Heart; Awa`, Whigs, Awa`; Baloo Baleerie; Bendemeer`s Stream; Blow The Wind Southerly; Buttercup Joe; Can Ye Sew Cushions?; Charlie Is My Darling; Cock Robin; Corn Rigs Are Bonnie; Counting The Goats – Cyfri`r Giefr; Cuckoo Dear – Y Gwcw Fach; David Of The Whit Rock – Dafydd Y Gareg Wen; Died For Love; Down By The Salley Gardens; Early One Morning; Fairest Gwen – Mentra Gwen; Farewell! But Whenever You Welcome The Hour; Flow Gently, Sweet Afton; Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo; Green Grow The Rashes, O; Greensleeves; Hares On The Mountain; Ho Ro My Nut-brown Maiden; I Wish I Had The Shepherd`s Lamb; Idle Days In Summertime – Bugeilio`r Gwenith Gwyn; I`m Seventeen Come Sunday; Is There For Honest Poverty – A Man`s A Man For A` That; John O`dwyer Of The Glen; Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances – Hob Y Deri Dando; Kevin Barry; Kilgary Mountain – There`s Whiskey In The Jar; Lavender`s Blue; Leezie Lindsay; Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old; Lili Burlero; Little Saucepan – Sospon Vach; Lullaby – Suo Gan; Megan`s Fair Daughter – Merch Megan; Men Of Harlech; Molly Brannigan; Monday, Tuesday – Dia Luain, Dia Mairt; Mrs. Macgrath; My Boy Willie; My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose; O No, John!; O Waly, Waly – The Water Is Wide; O`Donnell Aboo; Oft In The Stilly Night; Oh Rowan Tree; On Ilkla Moor Baht`at; Over The Mountains; Over The Stone – Tros Y Gareg; Rise, Rise, Thou Merry Lark – Codiad Yr Headydd; Robin Adiar; Robin Redbreast – Robin Goch; Scots Wha Ha`e Wi` Wallace Bled; She Moved Through The Fair; Shule Aroon – Come O Love Version I; Shule Aroon – Come O Love Version Ii; The Ash Grove; The Banks Of The Roses; The Banks Of The Sweet Primroses; The Bard Of Armagh; The Bells Of Averdovey – Clychau Aberdyfi; The Blue Bells Of Scotland; The Bold Fenian Men; The Cherry Tree Carol; The Croppy Boy; The Cruiskeen Lawn – The Little Full Jug; The Dove – Y Deryn Pur; The Green Bushes; The Kind Old Man – Yr Hen Wr Mwyn; The Lark In The Clear Air; The Little Red Fox – An Maidrin Ruddh; The Mountains O`mourne; The Oak And The Ash; The Parting Glass; The Piper O` Dundee; The Rising Of The Moon; The Road To The Isles; The Time I`ve Lost In Wooing; The Tree Ravens; The Trees Are Getting High; The Wark O` The Weavers; The Wearing Of The Green; Tis Pretty To Be In Ballinderry; To See Swainson – Hefo Deio I Dywyn; To The Beggin` I Will Go; Turn Ye To Me; Two Maidens Went Milking One Day; Wae`s Me For Prince Charlie; Weaving Lilt; Weel May The Keel Row; Welsh National Anthem – Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau; Whack Fol The Diddle; When Cockleshells Turn Silverbells – O Wally, Wally; When Pat Came Over The Hill; Will Ye No` Come Back Again?; Ye Banks And Braes O` Bonnie Doon

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