Fifty French Organ Pieces

Fifty French Organ PiecesFifty French Organ Pieces, Notenbuch

A collection of Organ pieces by the greatest French composers, designed for liturgical use as processionals, recessionals and interludes. These pieces reflect the French love of joy vivacity and vigour; there are also many beautiful and meditative works, all of which will greatly enhance parish worship.

Absolution Guilmant; Allegretto amabile Franck; Allegro Gigont; Allegro maestoso Gigont; Allegro moderato Gigont; Allegro vivace Gigont; Chorale Guilmant; Colin Mawby; Communion Dubois; Communion Guilmant; Élévation Boëllman; Élévation Guilmant; Élévation ou communion Guilmant; Entrée Dubois; Entry procession Boëllman; Fanfare Dubois; Fête de Sainte Cécile Guilmant; Foreword; Grand choeur Dubois; Grand choeur Guilmant; Grand choeur in G major Salomé; Grand choeur triomphal Guilmant; Hymne à Sainte Cécile Gounod; Interlude Gigout; Interlude from Vêpres de la; Interlude in D minor Guilmant; Interlude n G minor Guilmant; Invocation Guilmant; Maestoso Gigont; Maestoso Guilmant; Magnificat (six verses for organ) Guilmant; Marche Gothique Salomé; Marche in F major Lefébure-Wély; Marche Romaine Gounod; Moderato Gigont; Offertoire Guilmant; Poco allegretto Franck; Prière Salomé; Prière Guilmant; Processional march Guilmant; Sortie Dubois; Sortie Guilmant

Noten für: ORG,Orgel
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Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
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