Edward Huws Jones: Ten O`Clock Rock (Violin)

Edward Huws Jones: Ten O`Clock Rock (Violin)Edward Huws Jones: Ten O`Clock Rock (Violin), Notenbuch

18 concert pieces for beginner Violinists by Edward Huws Jones.

Ideal Concert pieces which appeal to the imagination – and sense of humour – of young players and their audiences.Player-friendly melody lines, powered along by racy Piano accompaniments in pop and jazz idioms The different instrument books are compatible as the string parts are in unison or octaves, making them ideal for individual or group lessons and for string ensembles.

Back-scratcher; Blueberry Pie; East Coast Express; G-force; Gone For Good; Ink-spot; Kick Start; Kites; Knock, Knock, Who`s There; Paddling By; Purry Slury; Revving Up; Something Nasty In The Violin Case; Ten O`clock Rock; Toodle-pip; Waltzing With Liz; Wishing Well; Zoom, Zoom

Noten für: VLN,Geige
Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Notenverlag: Boosey & Hawkes
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