Django Bates: Interval Song – Education Pack

Django Bates: Interval Song - Education PackDjango Bates: Interval Song – Education Pack, Notenbuch mit CD

Every interval there is, all in one song!`The idea of Interval Song is for students to get to know the intervals in the most enjoyable way. It is useful for students of any age and I observed whilst recording this song that the young choir sang it without realising its didactic aim. They also learnt it by heart with no effort. Secret teaching is the aim!` – Django BatesThe Education Pack Includes:sheet music – voice, piano and chordsphotocopiable lyric sheetsa CD including a performance, learning tracks and a backing tracka guide to all the intervals contained in the song

Interval Song

Noten für: VCE/PFA,Gesang & Klavierbegleitung

Notenverlag: Edition Peters
Noten Informationen und Preis bei Musicroom: Django Bates: Interval Song – Education Pack

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