Contemplation Organ

Contemplation OrganContemplation Organ, Notenbuch

We know that organists are always on the lookout for music suitable for the quieter and more reflective parts of the service, so here is our latest lifeline for you. It is a bumper collection, great value for money and each piece beautifully written, as you would expect from our house composers.

A morning contemplation [Stanley Vann]; A prayer of peace [Michael Higgins]; A prayer song [Andrew Moore]; A sad piece [Andrew Moore]; An evening meditation [Stanley Vann]; Aria [Richard Lloyd]; Arietta [John Marsh]; Arietta [Robert Jones]; Benedictus [John Marsh]; Calm thanksgiving [Colin Mawby]; Cantilena [Richard Lloyd]; Canto for Communion [Colin Hand]; Carol [David Terry]; Contemplation [Andrew Fletcher]; Cradle Song [Richard Lloyd]; Elegy [Elizabeth Hill]; Elegy [John Marsh]; Elegy [Michael Higgins]; Elegy [Robert Jones]; Elevation [Andrew Wright]; Et incarnatus est [Andrew Wright]; Flights of fancy [Colin Hand]; Forth in the peace of Christ [Michael Higgins]; Gentle breeze [Colin Mawby]; Godhead here in hiding [Andrew Wright]; Grazioso [Andrew Moore]; Idyll [Stanley Vann]; Impromptu [Richard Lloyd]; Improvisation [Andrew Fletcher]; Improvisation [June Nixon]; In mercy broken [Rosalie Bonighton]; In retrospect [Rosalie Bonighton]; Intermezzo [Andrew Fletcher]; Invocation [John Marsh]; Lacrimosa [June Nixon]; Largo [Betty Roe]; Lirico [Richard Lloyd]; Litany [Michael Higgins]; Lyric piece [Andrew Moore]; Meditation [David Terry]; Meditation [Elizabeth Hill]; Meditative moments [Colin Hand]; Meditative versets on an original Chorale [Stanley Vann]; Melodie [David Terry]; Morning Light [Andrew Moore]; Morning song [Rosalie Bonighton]; Nocturne [David Terry]; Pange lingua [June Nixon]; Parisian cantabile [Andrew Wright]; Pastoral [Elizabeth Hill]; Pastorale [Andrew Wright]; Pastorale [Rosalie Bonighton]; Pavane [Elizabeth Hill]; Piper`s pleasure [Colin Hand]; Praeludium [Michael Higgins]; Prelude on Gwalchmai [Robert Jones]; Quiet meditation [Colin Mawby]; Reflection [Andrew Wright]; Reflection [Betty Roe]; Reflections in a quiet place [Rosalie Bonighton]; Reverie [Norman Warren]; Reverie [Stanley Vann]; Romance [Robert Jones]; Sarabande [David Terry]; Sarabande for a sandwich; Serenade [Betty Roe]; Serenade [John Marsh]; Siciliano [Elizabeth Hill]; Sicilienne [Robert Jones]; Softly tread [Betty Roe]; Soliloquy [Andrew Fletcher]; Solitude [Betty Roe]; Soul of my Saviour [June Nixon]; Souling song [Colin Hand]; Stillness [Colin Mawby]; The beauty of holiness [Norman Warren]; The vines [Norman Warren]; Variations on Divine Mysteries [June Nixon]; Via pacis [Norman Warren]; Visions [Colin Mawby]; Windrush [Norman Warren]; Wintry scene [Andrew Wright]

Noten für: ORG,Orgel
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene
Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Ltd
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