Chris Gumbley: Tongue `N` Groove (Tenor/Soprano Sax)

Chris Gumbley: Tongue `N` Groove (Tenor/Soprano Sax)Chris Gumbley: Tongue `N` Groove (Tenor/Soprano Sax), Notenbuch

At last, a successor to the much-acclaimed Cool School. Sixteen irresistible solos in a plethora of styles including funk, swing, ragtime, rock `n` roll and calypso. This new B flat version has the same pieces as the Alto version, notated to look identical, but with the concert pitch chord symbols specially adapted for use with an optional piano or guitar accompaniment. Like Cool School, the book has a certain `muso appeal`, designed to instantly raise the enjoyment levels of teachers as well as students.

Blues Alley; Calypso; Count Lykemadd; Easy Street; E-Type Jig; Life on Cloud Eight; Minimal Man; Oily Rag; Poached Eggs; Rise And Fall; Rocket Roll; Rockin` Horse; Seesaw; Spod; Straight Talkin`; The Glimpse

Noten für: TSAX/SSAX,Tenorsaxophon, Sopransaxophon

Notenverlag: Gumbles Publications
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