Bass For Beginners: The Complete Guide

Bass For Beginners: The Complete GuideBass For Beginners: The Complete Guide, Notenbuch mit CD

Bass For Beginners is a basic textbook that provides the tools for solid, fundamental electric bass playing. This book will lay the foundation so you can acquire good playing habits and eliminate bad ones. Discusses proper left- and right-hand technique, with standard notation and tablature, music theory and application, bass isometrics, scales and ear training. Accompanying audio CD includes 99 demo tracks.

Bass Isometrics; Chord Theory And Harmonizing The Major Scale; Ear Training; Intervals; Other Useful Scales; Reading Music; Review And Refresh; Subdividing Measures; The Cycle Of Fifths; The Diatonic Modes; The Left Hand (Fretting); The Right Hand (Plucking)

Noten für: BTAB,Bassgitarren-Tabulatur
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Notenverlag: Hal Leonard
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