Alberto Ginastera: Estancia Dances Op.8

Alberto Ginastera: Estancia Dances Op.8Alberto Ginastera: Estancia Dances Op.8, Notenbuch

In 1941, Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera was commissioned to write a Ballet comprising One Act and Five scenes, that was based on and would depict pastoral life in Argentina. He closely based his score on the great epic poem Martín Fierro by Jose Hernandez, which tells the story of the Argentinean cowboys, or Gaucho – nomadic and heroic figures who are the subject of much of the country`s folklore.

The story tells of a city boy who watches, and falls in love with, a country maiden. Despite initial contempt for him, her feelings turn to admiration as he demonstrates he can perform the rough and difficult work and proves his skill in taming wild horses. Estancia is set over the passage of a single day: dawn, morning, afternoon, night, and dawn.

Ginastera has not only captured the rhythms of life on a Estancia or ranch, but also provided an insight into the gaucho`s now diminished way of life.

This volume is the Hawks Pocket score containing all the dances from the ballet in Study Score Format.

Danza Del Trigo; Danza Final (Malambo); Los Peones De Hacienda; Los Trabajadores Agricolas

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Notenverlag: Boosey & Hawkes
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