20th Century Orchestra Studies For Percussion

20th Century Orchestra Studies For Percussion20th Century Orchestra Studies For Percussion, Notenbuch

This collection has been put together to help the learning Percussionist prepare for the particular challenges present in 20th Century Orchestral music – rhythmic complexity, a range of instruments to be co-ordinated and the changing role of percussion within the orchestra, to name but a few. It would therefore be extremely useful for the intermediate player who is soon to be joining their first full-scale symphony orchestra, as the guidance in this book may well last them throughout their time there! Cues are given as well as tips as to the instrumentation of movements, the prominance of each part within the overall sound and lengths of rests. Compiled and anotated by Alan Abel. Includes Bernstein`s `Overture To Candide`, Holst `The Planets` and Nielsen`s `Symphony No. 5`.

Carmina Burana [Orff, Carl]; Chicester Psalms [Bernstein, Leonard]; Circus Overture [Schuman, William]; Dance Rhythms [Riegger, Wallingford]; Don Juan [Strauss, Richard]; Eleventh Symphony [Cowell, Henry]; Feria Magica [Surinach, Carlos]; Fifth Symphony [Nielsen, Carl]; Fifth Symphony [Prokofiev, Sergei]; Fourth Symphony [Cowell, Henry]; Fourth Symphony [Piston, Walter]; Gayne Ballet Suite [Khachaturian, Aram]; Hary Janos Suite [Kodaly, Zoltan]; Invocation And Dance [Creston, Paul]; Judith [Schuman, William]; Lousiana Story [Thomson, Virgil]; March And Scherzo (For The Love Of Three Oranges) [Prokofiev, Sergei]; Mathis Der Maler [Hindemith, Paul]; Medea`s Meditation And Dance Of Vengeance [Barber, Samuel]; Overture (Candide) [Bernstein, Leonard]; Peter Pan [Toch, Ernst]; Ritmo Jondo [Surinach, Carlos]; Romeo And Juliet Suite 1 [Prokofiev, Sergei]; Romeo And Juliet Suite 2 [Prokofiev, Sergei]; Salome`s Dance [Strauss, Richard]; Sensemaya [Revueltas, Silvestre]; Seventh Symphony [Prokofiev, Sergei]; Seventh Symphony [Shostakovich, Dmitri]; Sinfonia India [Chavez, Carlos]; Sinfonia Serena [Hindemith, Paul]; Sixth Symphony [Hartmann, Karl Amadeus]; Sixth Symphony [Nielsen, Carl]; Symphonic Metamorphosis [Hindemith, Paul]; The Age Of Anxiety (Symphony No. 2) [Bernstein, Leonard]; The Planets [Holst, Gustav]; The Poem Of Ecstasy [Scriabin, Alexander]; The Sorcerer`s Apprentice [Dukas, Paul]; Third Symphony [Schuman, William]; Triana (Iberia Suite) [Albeniz, Isaac]

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