Auftanz (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Auftanz Die unentbehrliche Sammlung für alle Freunde des Volkstanzes.Neben den bekannten bairischen Volkstänzen haben die Autoren auch einige ‚internationale‘ Tänze berücksichtigt.50 Tänze ermöglichen einen kompletten Abend Tanzvergnügen. Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Josef Preissler Musikverlag JP2006-TRP Noten Informationen und Preis: Auftanz

You Do Something To Me (Big Band)

You Do Something To Me This swingin‘ vocal chart with jazz ensemble is written in two keys. The high key (male) is E-flat with the range from middle C to top line F treble clef. The low key (female) is B-flat with the range from F below middle C to third space C. The parts […]

Musik Werbenetz

How Long Has This Been Going On? (Big Band)

How Long Has This Been Going On? A vocal solo with jazz ensemble, this arrangement of the gorgeous ballad by Gershwin?‘ tells a story. Arranged by Dave Wolpe, the chart is in the key of C with the vocal range from G below middle C to third line B. Along with a tenor saxophone solo, […]

Lullaby Of Broadway (Big Band)

Lullaby Of Broadway A swinging chart for vocal quartet with parts provided for SATB, SSAA or solo vocalist. Composed by Harry Warren, pitched in the key of B-flat, this excellent chart is arranged by Dave Wolpe, one of the best writers in the music business. Comfortable vocal parts, a brief tenor saxophone solo and expert […]

Nice Work If You Can Get It (Big Band)

Nice Work If You Can Get It Arr. in zwei Tonarten – für Männer- und Frauenstimmen. Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Belwin Music JEVM00002 Noten Informationen und Preis: Nice Work If You Can Get It

A Child Is Born (Big Band)

A Child Is Born This wonderful jazz standard by Thad Jones is now updated by John Denton. It moves smoothly through a few styles as a ballad, a moderate jazz waltz, and a bossa in four all the while keeping the beauty and integrity of the original chart. There are written or ad lib solos […]

Land Of Make Believe (Big Band)

Land Of Make Believe Energy and excitement! Victor Lopez works his magic on Chuck Mangione’s classic. A lazy intro for trumpet and alto explodes into a fierce samba that doesn’t let up. 1st trumpet has the melodic solo and the jazz solo (written or ad-lib). Solo trumpet range to written A. A great addition to […]

Musik Werbenetz

Jazz To The World (Big Band)

Jazz To The World Based on ‚Joy to the World,‘ this jazzed-up waltz chart is perfect for the holiday concert. Because Mike Story writes so well for the younger players, this chart will be a big hit. Easy ranges, a simple jazz solo written or ad-lib for 1st trumpet, and plenty of section and ensemble […]

Moondance (Big Band)

Moondance Van Morrison’s hit arranged for the young player sounds hipper than ever! The swing groove sounds cool as the melody goes through the sections of the band — sometimes unison, sometimes in harmony, it sticks with you. The solo section is written for all the wind players so you can pick anyone/everyone to play […]

Splanky (Big Band)

Splanky Splanky was composed by jazz great Neal Hefti for the legendary Count Basie band. Check out how arranger Roy Phillippe brings this arrangement to the easy level and yet keeps the integrity of Hefti’s original chart. Solos are written out or ad lib for piano and 1st alto saxophone. Teaching the famous Basie shout […]

Now Rock Ye Rested Gentlemen (Big Band)

Now Rock Ye Rested Gentlemen A rock-jazz adaptation of ‚God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen‘ by a wonderful new arranger, Mike Smukal, this holiday chart is at a medium tempo that’s a breeze to rehearse. Plenty of ensemble playing, modest brass ranges, clear articulation, no improvised solos, and a little counterpoint mixed with a rock beat […]

Ants In The Pants (Big Band)

Ants In The Pants The rock style of this original chart will come naturally to young players and the easy chord progression sounds hip. The recurring bass and piano riff is contagious and a brief drum solo with ensemble kicks adds the perfect contrast. This is a great chart for beginning jazzers — an instant […]

It's All Right With Me (Big Band)

It's All Right With Me As recorded on the Silverline Records album XXL (CD and DVD Audio) by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. Originally written for vocal group Take 6 and the Big Phat Band, the chart was re-orchestrated for big band! A wonderful tune by Cole Porter and another phenomenal chart by Gordon, THIS […]

The Jazz Police (Big Band)

The Jazz Police As recorded on the Silverline Records album XXL (CD and DVD Audio) by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, this ferocious chart is a totally hot rock-swing-jazz for big band. It will tear it up every performance! Featuring solo space for tenor, trumpet, trombone, or guitar, tons of energy abounds from the first […]

The King Of Swing (Big Band)

The King Of Swing Holiday swing for the younger player arranged by one of the best in the business, Michael Story. A jazz waltz setting of ‚We Three Kings‘ works perfectly to create a great chart for your young jazz ensemble. A brief written solo for tenor sax, some nice harmonies, and accessible ranges make […]

Musik Werbenetz