Crescent City Magnificat (Kinderchor)

Crescent City Magnificat For children’s chorus, piano, bass guitar, xylophone, congas Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Oxford University Press OUP35978 Noten Informationen und Preis: Crescent City Magnificat

Glory To God (Gemischter Chor)

Glory To God For SATB accompanied and unaccompanied.Answering the demand among German choirs for English music, Glory to God contains music from England’s most important church composers with German as well as English or Latin texts. The collection offers the best of nearly five centuries of English church music. Many translations have been specially commissioned, […]

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Four Coronation Anthems (Gemischter Chor)

Four Coronation Anthems These four anthems have long had a special place at the heart of the English choral tradition. They were composed for the coronation of George II in 1727. Full scores, vocal scores, and orchestral material are available on hire. Noten für: Gemischter Chor Notenverlag: Oxford University Press OUP35258 Noten Informationen und Preis: […]

Flute Time 1 (Flöte)

Flute Time 1 Piano accompaniments to selected pieces in Flute Time 1 Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Oxford University Press OUP22103 Noten Informationen und Preis: Flute Time 1

Orgelbegleitsätze mit cantus firmus (Orgel)

Orgelbegleitsätze mit cantus firmus Sammlung von Choralsätzen zu einhundertdreissig der meistgesungenen Melodien des EG mit jeweils vier bis sieben verschiedenartigen Sätzen auch mit c.f. im Tenor und im Bass, meist klassisch, mal romantisch oder jazzig. Leicht bis mittelschwer, mit Vorwort mit Tipps zur Choralbegleitung sowie Register zu den Regionalteilen des EG und zum Gotteslob. Noten […]

Arienalbum für Sopran (Gesang)

Arienalbum für Sopran Im mittleren 18. Jahrhundert galten in weiten Teilen Nordeuropas die Opern C. H. Grauns (und J. A. Hasses) als der Inbegriff der Gattung schlechthin. Ihre Partituren waren nicht nur an den Höfen von Berlin bis Stockholm gefragt, auch in Bürgerhäusern wurden die Arien Grauns in vielerlei Bearbeitungen musiziert. Der Sänger-Komponist Graun traf […]

Complete Madrigals (Chor divers)

Complete Madrigals The body of Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigals is contained in nine books and, for the most part, can be divided into three parts that correspond to the three periods of the life of the Cremonese composer.The first two books date back to the early years of his apprenticeship in Cremona (until 1590), under the […]

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12 Ungarische National Tänze op. 16 (Violine)

12 Ungarische National Tänze op. 16 The 12 Ungarische National Tänze Op. 16 by Anton Diabelli (Mattsee, Salzburg 1781 – Vienna 1858) date back to 1807. The opus number is missing from the original title page, but it is mentioned in various sources from the period. It is unclear whether the pieces in the collection […]

Der Bernstein-Effekt (Musikerziehung)

Der Bernstein-Effekt Was Bernstein mit seinen ‚Young People’s Concerts‘ begann, setzen Klassikstars heute fort mit ihren Besuchen in Schulen – und ernten als Musikvermittler bei klassikfernen Jugendlichen enormes Interesse. Diesen Bernstein-Effekt hat Tobias E. Mayer genauer untersucht. Noten für: Musikerziehung Notenverlag: Schott Musik ORCH5004 Noten Informationen und Preis: Der Bernstein-Effekt

Works for Organ 4 Hands (Orgel)

Works for Organ 4 Hands Series Info:A.Ri.M.-onlus, with the publication of the series Collezione Musicale Marchigiana, inaugurates a new section which goes to complete its existing fields of research: cataloguing the musical heritage from the Marche, research on the region’s historical theaters as well as on the historical musical sources preserved in regional archives and […]

Omnibus Compact Edition (Klavier)

Omnibus Compact Edition Kenneth Baker’s famous 5-part piano course complete in a single easy-to-follow compact edition book. Using some of the world’s best known melodies, The complete Piano Player gives you a solid musical foundation then gently introduces you to a variety of piano styles and techniques. Over 100 famous melodies for you to play […]

The Celtic Harp (Harfe)

The Celtic Harp A hand-picked collection of the finest old airs and dance tunes from the ‚Celtic‘ Countries. The music has been arranged for easy Harp but it is suitable for Piano and Keyboard or most other melody instruments. A wide variety of styles and flavours are included in this book and it is a […]

Traditional Irish Music For The Bagpipe (Dudelsack)

Traditional Irish Music For The Bagpipe A breathtaking and unusual collection of Traditional Irish tunes that have been arranged for the Bagpipe by Dave Rickard. Fifty pieces are included, some are rare and others had never been used before in bagpipe bands, but all are familiar tunes or melodies which will delight and enthrall performers […]

Jazz Harp (Mundharmonika)

Jazz Harp Übungen, Theorie und Technik von Toots Thielemanns, Stevie Wonder u.v.a. in den Stilen Jazz und Pop, 128 S. Noten für: Mundharmonika Notenverlag: Music Sales OK63727 Noten Informationen und Preis: Jazz Harp

Bluegrass Songbook (Gitarre)

Bluegrass Songbook Peter Wernick. This is a book for the bluegrass singer. Over 130 songs in several styles, from old-time, traditional and ’newgrass‘, to gospel and novelty tunes. For each song, words, chords and melody line in tablature for guitar and banjo are given. Noten für: Gitarre Notenverlag: Music Sales OK63198 Noten Informationen und Preis: […]

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