Birds of Paradise (Flöte)

Birds of Paradise Shulamit Ran has created many powerful and sparkling works for flutists, but none for Flute and Piano until the Chicago Flute Club commissioned this work to be premiered at the 2014 NFA convention in Chicago. The inspiration for Birds of Paradise is based on Ran’s vision of a fantastical bird of many […]

Recitative and Rondo Capriccioso (Flöte)

Recitative and Rondo Capriccioso Commissioned by the Studio for New Music of the University of Siegen, Germany, Samuel Adler’s newest addition to the flute repertoire is Recitative and Rondo Capriccioso. This 8-minute work for flute and piano begins with an Adagio espressivo whose soaring lyricism leads to a cadenza-like bridge, and is then followed by […]

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Two Southern Appalachian Folk Songs (Violine)

Two Southern Appalachian Folk Songs Commissioned to create folk song arrangements, Adler chose two compelling Southern Appalachian folk songs, brought to our shores by English immigrants and having origins in Elizabethan times. Married and Single Life is a slow dance, while Brennan on the Moor, recalling the location in Britain and transplanting it to Virginia, […]

Where You End And I Begin (Oboe)

Where You End And I Begin The interconnected image of this playful work’s title displays the warm communication between Maggio’s music, his performers, and his listeners – as well as its musical development. A Sicilian lullaby leads to five movements built from parts of the lullaby, as free-fantasy variations hopscotching to create many musical links […]

Three Bagatelles From China West (Klarinette)

Three Bagatelles From China West Originally composed for flute and piano for a Meet the Composer anthology of new recital music, many soloists and ensembles have requested transcriptions of Chen Yi’s Three Bagatelles from China West for their own instruments – the sign of a true addition to the repertoire. In this adaptation for clarinetist […]

Three Dances for Two Saxes (Saxophon)

Three Dances for Two Saxes A foremost standard of the flute repertoire for over two decades, Gary Schocker’s Three Dances for Two Flutes has been transcribed for two alto saxes by the young Japanese saxophonist Yo Matsushita, whose own performance on YouTube made such a striking impression on Schocker that the composer wanted it to […]

Maha Mantras (Saxophon)

Maha Mantras Cast in one movement with many ’subplots,‘ Maha Mantras is a concerto for saxophonist switching between Soprano and Alto, featuring a dazzling tour-de-force cadenza in which the soloist plays both instruments simultaneously. A profound synthesis of Prangcharoen’s native Thai soundworld and Western symphonic tradition, Maha Mantras is based on pentatonic themes tinged with […]

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Sonatine (Klarinette)

Sonatine Sonatine is an 8-minute recital work in one movement inspired by Coleman’s travels throughout Europe, most notably while touring with jazz icon Steve Coleman. The work is reminiscent of a performance at a nightclub, where players wailed soulful tunes and riffs on a lovely summer evening in Berlin. Sonatine starts on fire, and thrives […]

Concerto for Flute/Piccolo and Orchestra (Flöte)

Concerto for Flute/Piccolo and Orchestra Martin Amlin’s effervescent Concerto for flute/piccolo and orchestra was composed for Linda Toote to perform (as soloist doubling Flute and Piccolo) at the 2012 convention of the National Flute Association. Set as one continuous fast-slow-fast movement, the concerto is inspired by Amlin’s fascination with rhythm, providing an intriguing study in […]

Trio (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Trio Commissioned by Chamberosity, Eric Ewazen’s Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano pays homage to Brahms‘ work for the same instruments. Ewazen’s four movements are modeled after the Brahms, with a slow-fast-slow-fast scheme. A mysterious first movement accumulates depth and momentum, then returns to the gentle world of the opening. The second movement is a […]

Sky (Flöte)

Sky As airy and buoyant as its title suggests, Sky’s six movements are titled ‚Breeze,‘ ‚Storm Clouds,‘ ‚Still,‘ ‚Gentle Zephyr,‘ ‚Still Still,‘ and ‚All Clear.‘ Sky is equally suitable for the recital hall and for fun duet reading; full of lyrical soaring tunes, imitative echo-like entrances, and parallel duet writing. Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore […]

Sonata In G Major K.283 (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Sonata In G Major K.283 For Flute and Harp Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES114-41318 Noten Informationen und Preis: Sonata In G Major K.283

Flutes in the Garden (Flöte)

Flutes in the Garden For 3 Flutes Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES114-41314 Noten Informationen und Preis: Flutes in the Garden

Variations on America (Trompete)

Variations on America For Trumpet and Piano Noten für: Trompete Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES114-41305 Noten Informationen und Preis: Variations on America

Mozart's Greatest Melodies (Flöte)

Mozart's Greatest Melodies For flute and piano. James Galway Presents. Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES114-41303 Noten Informationen und Preis: Mozart's Greatest Melodies

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