The Flute Vibrato Book (Flöte)

The Flute Vibrato Book This book defines vibrato, explains how vibrato is produced, and offers a wealth of information about learning and refining the skill and its usage. Well-known melodies are used throughout so the flutist can focus on the vibrato production. Whether you developed a natural vibrato or are learning vibrato for the first […]

Flute 103: Mastering the Basics (Flöte)

Flute 103: Mastering the Basics A Method And Solo Collection For The Intermediate Flutist FLUTE 103: Mastering the Basics continues the technical, creative, and musical development of advanced intermediate flutists by integrating etudes, solo repertoire, orchestral excerpts, duets, and contemporary techniques through an innovative curriculum in the major and relative minor keys of Ab, E, […]

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A Treasury Of Puccini Duets (Holzbläserensemble)

A Treasury Of Puccini Duets As a follow-up to Dorff’s collections of Bach and Mozart duets for flute and clarinet, Theodore Presser Company releases A Treasury of Puccini Duets, once again adapted by Daniel Dorff, along with translations and scene descriptions. In addition, prefatory notes and suggestions for applying operatic lyricism through instrumental expression are […]

The Flute Scale Book (Flöte)

The Flute Scale Book From pedagogues Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke, The Flute Scale Book is ideal for every flutist from student to professional levels. Its comprehensive and flexible set of study plans includes scale studies, intervals, warm-ups, embouchure development exercises, phrasing guides and practice patterns for groups of six or eight notes. In […]

Eight Visions (Flöte)

Eight Visions Commissioned For And Curated By Marya Martin Through Meet The Composer Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41193 Noten Informationen und Preis: Eight Visions

Tchaikowsky's Greatest Melodies (Flöte)

Tchaikowsky's Greatest Melodies Arranged for Flute and Piano Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41192 Noten Informationen und Preis: Tchaikowsky's Greatest Melodies

Three Concertos for Piccolo (Flöte)

Three Concertos for Piccolo For Piccolo, Piano. Classical. Solo part with piano reduction. Composed 2004. 45 pages. Duration 33:29:00. Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41190 Noten Informationen und Preis: Three Concertos for Piccolo

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Orchestral Excerpts For Oboe (Oboe)

Orchestral Excerpts For Oboe with Piano Accompaniment Noten für: Oboe Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41189 Noten Informationen und Preis: Orchestral Excerpts For Oboe

The Developing Clarinetist (Klarinette)

The Developing Clarinetist 31 Clarinet Studies Noten für: Klarinette Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41179 Noten Informationen und Preis: The Developing Clarinetist

Guitar Lore (Gitarre)

Guitar Lore REVISED EDITION Noten für: Gitarre Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41142 Noten Informationen und Preis: Guitar Lore

Slap It! (E-Bass)

Slap It! Funk Studies for the Electric Bass Noten für: E-Bass Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41138 Noten Informationen und Preis: Slap It!

Visible Fingerings for Flute (Flöte)

Visible Fingerings for Flute For Flute. Soft Cover. Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41116 Noten Informationen und Preis: Visible Fingerings for Flute

Flute Favorites (Flöte)

Flute Favorites Edited by Jean Pierre Rampal. Arranged by Jean Pierre Rampal. For Solo Flute and Piano. Solo part with piano reduction. 43 pages. Noten für: Flöte Notenverlag: Theodore Presser Company PRES414-41099 Noten Informationen und Preis: Flute Favorites

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