A Little Something (Violine)

A Little Something The present collection of duets for violin was written with the thought of shaping the musical awareness of young musicians in that difficult area of performance which is chamber music. My aim was not, however, only to develop pupils ear and intellect, but above all to gift them with the pleasure of […]

Sonata (Violoncello)

Sonata Sonata for cello was written in the summer of 2006 for the eminent Polish artist, cellist Andrzej Bauer, to whom it is dedicated. Taking a quarter-tone as the ‚elementary interval‘, the main themes of the work are based on two of the seven transpositions of the scale that are possible as a consequence of […]

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Der kleine Virtuose (Klavier)

Der kleine Virtuose Easy Pieces For Piano Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: PWM Edition PWM11376 Noten Informationen und Preis: Der kleine Virtuose

Reed Trio (Holzbläserensemble)

Reed Trio Reed Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon consists of four short movements of a total duration of about 7 minutes. The main form-generative element is the variability of time signature. This feature gives the music its energetic nature, which is further enhanced with surprising general pauses. The work was composed with limited sound […]

Scales And Arpeggios (Viola)

Scales And Arpeggios A collection of scales and arpeggios aimed at advanced instrumentalists. Presented in progressively higher positions in double stops (sixths, octaves), and also in different rhythms. In each tonality – 14 various exercises. Noten für: Viola Notenverlag: PWM Edition PWM11328 Noten Informationen und Preis: Scales And Arpeggios

Lobagola (Songbücher)

Lobagola On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the existence of the unusual club “U Muniaka“, which Urszula Dudziak once called a “gem“, and about which one of the regulars said apart from the Dragon’s Den, “only here is dragony“, Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne decided to celebrate this anniversary by publishing a Muniak composition notebook. […]

Sonnets to Laura (Gesang)

Sonnets to Laura For Baritone and Piano Francesco Pertarch’s “Sonnets to Laura“ in a translation by Jalu Kurek are used in this composition. They are preceded by the first words of the original and the general number according to Petrarch’s original “Canzoniere“ text. Noten für: Gesang Notenverlag: PWM Edition PWM11304010 Noten Informationen und Preis: Sonnets […]

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4 Miniatures for Piano (Klavier)

4 Miniatures for Piano Four Miniatures are a meeting point of two great loves of Roman Maciejewski: the love for piano music and for dance. They were written when the composer worked as an accompanist in ballet schools. Nowadays, we are not sure whether the Miniatures were presented as a cycle, as independent pieces, or […]

Souvenir de Posen CW Vol. 12 (Violine)

Souvenir de Posen CW Vol. 12 Souvenir de Posen Op. 3 was probably composed in Pozna? in the first half of 1854, when the nineteen-year-old Henryk Wieniawski still performed with his younger brother Józef, the pianist. Wieniawski dedicated the Op.3 to Jeanette de Niemojowska, daughter of Ludwik Niemojowski. The mazurka made an indelible impression upon […]

Scales (Violine)

Scales In the first part of this collection we find selected two-octave scales in first position intended for beginners. Something new when compared to those arrangements in use is the introduction of broken chords for the harmonic triads (T-S-D). This reinforces the young violinists sense of function, developing harmonic hearing. A feature of our publication […]

Collection of Dances (Klavier)

Collection of Dances The pieces in this collection are all dances of various origin Czech, Neapolitan, French, Spanish and Argentinean. Some are from past centuries, others contemporary. The only piece which remains somewhat separate from the rest is the Barcarolle: defined as a venetian gondoliers song.Here it is in fact quite dance-like, thanks to its […]

Second Polonaise Brillante CW Vol.4a op. 21 (Sinfonieorchester)

Second Polonaise Brillante CW Vol.4a op. 21 Pour violon avec accompagnement d’orchestre op.21 (series A vol.4a) The Polonaise in A major was completed in 1870. We do not know exactly which version with piano or with orchestra was the earlier. The composer first performed the work with orchestra, on 17 March 1870., at the Grand […]

The Tango Impressions (Gitarre)

The Tango Impressions I was never a huge fan of Astor Piazzolla’s music, but always admired his original style, faithfulness to the musical culture from which he descended, and possibility his sense of style. Besides his obvious huge influence from Argentinian Tango, Piazzolla’s music is largely based on improvisation, which also appeals to jazz (including […]

Lamentatio IV de Requiem (Gesang)

Lamentatio IV de Requiem The Lamentatio IV Oro suplex is a prayer for an end to the life of hardships. Romad Maciejewski said: Aghast the enormity of human suffering and the sea of blood spilled during the years of World War II, towards its end I decided to compose a monumental work which could help […]

ABC Vol. 1 (Klarinette)

ABC Vol. 1 This handbook is intended for children aged 6-7 years starting to learn to play the clarinet. It includes basic knowledge about the structure and principles of playing this instrument, and also a series of exercises, tips and small pieces and is a reliable aid for both pupil and teacher. As a textbook […]

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