Beethoven Piano Trios (Violoncello)

Beethoven Piano Trios Accompaniment: Emanuel Vardi, violin; Edwin Hymovitz, piano – Beethoven’s Trio No. 8 is an excellent and beautiful piano trio, beautifully composed in the great composer’s inimitable style. Its companion on this MMO edition are the beautiful chamber-trio variations on ‚Ich bin ein Schneider Kakadu‘ are justly renowned. Noten für: Violoncello Notenverlag: Music […]

SCHUMANN Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, op. 63 (Violoncello)

SCHUMANN Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, op. 63 Accompaniment: The Classic Piano Trio: Elmar Oliveira, violin; Peter Basquin, piano – Written in 1847, the Schumann D-minor Piano Trio is justly famous and provides numerous opportunities for the violoncello in the Romantic idiom. Really a magnificent piece of music and important for every ‚cellist […]

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Great Scott! Ragtime String Quartets (Violoncello)

Great Scott! Ragtime String Quartets Accompaniment: Zinn’s Ragtime String Quartet – The Zinn String Quartet accompany you in this great collection of Joplin Ragtime Quartets. Don’t miss it! Noten für: Violoncello Notenverlag: Music Minus One (MMO) MMO3708 Noten Informationen und Preis: Great Scott! Ragtime String Quartets

Piano Trio in A minor (Violoncello)

Piano Trio in A minor Accompaniment: The Vardi Trio: Emanuel Vardi, violin; Edwin Hymovitz, piano – Written in 1914, Maurice Ravel’s piano trio was premiered on 28 January 1915 in Paris, with distinguished pianist Alfredo Casella playing the piano part. Filled with Basque themes and Ravel’s unique impressionist effects, the four-movement trio is a wonderful […]

Violoncello Concerto in A minor (Violoncello)

Violoncello Concerto in A minor Accompaniment: Stuttgart Festival Orchestra – A beautiful baroque concerto for violoncello by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, youngest son of J.S. Bach. We can’t recommend this gorgeous work enough-filled with beautiful opportunities for the soloist and a magnificent accompaniment. No baroque enthusiast will want to miss out on this rewarding work. […]

Theron Welch's Electric Classics (Gitarre)

Theron Welch's Electric Classics He’s bringing classical music two centuries forward! Lay a Jimi Hendrix vibe over a classical violin concerto, and you begin to get an inkling of what Welch’s new Electric Classic album is all about. He’s playing the Bruch Violin Concerto using loads of distortion and a totally modern sound. It’s a […]

Guitar Duets op.34/op.38/op.63 (Gitarre)

Guitar Duets op.34/op.38/op.63 Accompaniment: Christian Reichert, primo guitar; Beata Bedkowska-Huang, secondo guitar – These three long-form duets by Spanish classical guitar master Fernando Sor are a boon to every guitarist. Beautifully crafted melodies artfully orchestrated between the two guitars, and a technical approachability for all intemediate-level guitarists makes these a must-have. The three works presented […]

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Two Concerti For Guitar (Lute) & Orchestra (Gitarre)

Two Concerti For Guitar (Lute) & Orchestra Accompaniment: Taunus String Orchestra – These two concerti are amongst the most requested in the MMO catalogue. Finally available in spectacular, digitally recorded sound with master guitarist Christian Reichert delivering an interpretation that will give you much to study and marvel at. Then it’s your turn to step […]

Cool Jazz For Guitar (Gitarre)

Cool Jazz For Guitar Accompaniment: The MMO Band – An album chock-full of originals and contemporary standards for the modern guitarist. Listen to the complete versions, then jump in and play them yourself with the band! – Includes a printed solo part on high-quality ivory paper; and a compact disc containing a complete performance with […]

Histoire du Tango & Other Latin Classics (Gitarre)

Histoire du Tango & Other Latin Classics Accompaniment: Katarzyna Bury, flute – Guitar and flute virtuosi Christian Reichert and Katarzyna Bury bring you this album featuring Argentina’s most fabled 20th-century tango composer, Astor Piazzolla, who wrote this suite of tango pieces bridging a century of tango styles, drawn in a rich pallette for guitar and […]

Guitar Concerto No. 1 in A major, op. 30 (Gitarre)

Guitar Concerto No. 1 in A major, op. 30 Accompaniment: Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra – MMO is pleased to bring you one of the all-time classics for the guitar, Mauro Giuliani’s Guitar Concerto No. 1 in A major. This familiar and ever-so-beautiful piece has been a success since its premiere in the early nineteenth century. Listen […]

Play The Blues Guitar (Gitarre)

Play The Blues Guitar This unique MMO album brings you blues master Dick Weissman explaining and demonstrating guitar techniques (strums, chords, picking, alternate tunings, etc.) with some of the greatest blues classics, such as ‚Frankie and Johnny‘ and ‚Kansas City Blues.‘ Mr. Weissman demonstrates, provides accompaniments and carefully guides you through to becoming a master. […]

Play The Guitar (Gitarre)

Play The Guitar Accompaniment: Bob Mersey, narration – George Barnes gives you a fun and complete introduction to popular guitar playing, from basic chords, triplets, downstrokes, sonata accompaniment, through different rhythmic variations: cha-cha, New Orleans, shuffle, blues, Nashville, country, and many more. Truly the easiest way to become an expert in the full range of […]

Guitar Quintet in A major, op. 65 (Gitarre)

Guitar Quintet in A major, op. 65 Accompaniment: The DaVinci Quartet: Catherine Morgan, 1st violin; Joshua Fisher, 2nd violin; Juliette Jopling, viola; Andrew Skrimshire, violoncello – Here is the great quintet by famed Classical-era Italian master Mauro Giuliani. It is in the form of a set of variations and a polonaise, and was published to […]

Guitar Quintet No. 4 in D 'Fandango' (Gitarre)

Guitar Quintet No. 4 in D 'Fandango' Accompaniment: Da Vinci Quartet – Boccherini was one of the great masters of the Italian Baroque guitar and this quintet demonstrates that fact perfectly. As its title implies, it is famous for its dance-like qualities. Great fun and rewarding to any player of the Baroque and Classical guitar […]

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