Aebersold Vol.10 David Baker (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.10 David Baker Intermediate/Advanced. This set is a sleeper! A pioneer in jazz pedagogy, a prolific writer, and one of the finest jazz educators in the world, David Baker has written 8 tunes which contain a wide variety of styles and tempos. Truly performance level material, yet designed to address the needs of advancing […]

Aebersold Vol. 109 Fusion - Dan Haerle (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol. 109 Fusion – Dan Haerle 12 Kompositionen des Keyboarders Dan Haerle – Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Smooth. Intermediate/Advanced. 12 exciting jazz/rock and fusion tracks composed and performed by well-known keyboardist Dan Haerle. These tracks were recorded with a REAL drummer, giving them the important ‚human‘ touch often missing in all-electronic play along tracks. […]

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Aebersold Vol. 108 Joe Henderson (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol. 108 Joe Henderson Intermediate/Advanced. 15 of the best jazz songs of the 60s and 70s by the legendary jazz giant Joe Henderson. Rhythm Section: Steve Allee (p); Tyrone Wheeler (b); Steve Davis (d) Noten für: Play Along Notenverlag: Jamey Aebersold Jazz AEB-V108DS Noten Informationen und Preis: Aebersold Vol. 108 Joe Henderson

Aebersold Vol.107 It Had To Be You (Gesang)

Aebersold Vol.107 It Had To Be You This volume is unlike our other volumes! It does not include transposed parts for Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef instruments. ONLY the Concert C part is included in this book! Noten für: Gesang Notenverlag: Jamey Aebersold Jazz AEB-V107DS Noten Informationen und Preis: Aebersold Vol.107 It Had To Be […]

Aebersold Vol.106 Sidewinder (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.106 Sidewinder Intermediate/Advanced. Lee Morgan is best remembered for his sassy, super-hip trumpet style, but he is also remembered for his compositional style that greatly influenced the sound of jazz in the late 50s and 60s. From the beautiful bossa nova ‚Ceora‘ to the exciting boogaloo ‚Sidewinder,‘ Lee’s impact on modern trumpet and contemporary […]

Aebersold Vol.104 Freeplay (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.104 Freeplay Intermediate/Advanced. Think Play-A-Longs and free jazz don’t mix? Think again! Kenny Werner, author of the best-selling ‚Effortless Mastery‘ has put together a fantastic set that breaks down traditional boundaries of rhythm, melody, and harmony to present a blank canvas of sounds, pulses, and colors to excite the imagination. Book details ways to […]

Aebersold Vol.103 David Sanborn (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.103 David Sanborn Intermediate/Advanced. A smooth blend of the songs written and recorded by the great alto innovator David Sanborn and his side-man Marcus Miller. State-of-the-art studio production techniques and authentic arrangements by keyboardist Georgy Whitte make this Play-A-Long a sweet change of pace. Rhythm Section: Produced & Played by George Whitte. Noten für: […]

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Aebersold Vol.102 Sound Advice (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.102 Sound Advice Intermediate/Advanced. Since his days with Dave Brubeck in the 1980s, Jerry’s influence as a modern jazz tenor man has been undeniable. Less well-known are his tasty compositions, presented here in this collection for your enjoyment. Jerry has recorded all these songs on various Double-Time Jazz CDs! Rhythm Section: Renato Chicco (p); […]

Aebersold Vol.101 Secrets Of The Andes (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.101 Secrets Of The Andes Intermediate/Advanced. Andy LaVerne has quickly emerged on the scene as a leading jazz pianist and composer. His chord substitution style has been widely admired and carefully studied. This set offers a unique sampling of his personal favorites for you to learn and enjoy. Rhythm Section: Andy LaVerne (p); Rufus […]

Aebersold Vol.100 St. Louis Blues (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.100 St. Louis Blues Intermediate. After much debate, it seemed only fitting that Volume 100 should celebrate the music of the great innovators who started it all. Recorded in an authentic style, there is a purity to these songs that is refreshing to the ear and makes them fun to play, and a ‚bounce‘ […]

Aebersold Vol.9 Woody Shaw (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.9 Woody Shaw Intermediate/Advanced. These tunes will become jazz standards. 8 beautiful songs written by Woody Shaw which are a departure from the typical Bebop jazz melodies and chord progressions. The styles and tune formulae represented are Bossa Nova, Waltz, minor blues, alternating bossa/swing and latin/swing, slow and fast. These songs are a welcome […]

Aebersold Vol.8 Sonny Rollins (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.8 Sonny Rollins Intermediate/Advanced. These tunes represent a large portion ofthe jazz player’s vocabulary and all are considered jazz standards. Songs range from simple to complex, slow tempos to fast. The chord changes on several tunes are such that even the novice improviser can solo using a single scale such as the blues or […]

Aebersold Vol.7 Miles Davis (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.7 Miles Davis Intermediate/Advanced. 8 jazz originals written by Miles Davis, many recorded twice with one slower track for easier learning, and another track at a common performance tempo. A unique way to learn 8 of the most popular songs of the 50s. Most are considered jazz classics because most musicians have learned them, […]

Aebersold Vol.6 Charlie Parker (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.6 Charlie Parker Intermediate/Advanced. The essence of modern music is Bebop; considered by many to be the most important music of the 20th century. This set offers a tremendous way to learn 10 songs by the jazz legend, Charlie Parker, the foremost creator of Bebop. All are well-known jazz standards essential for every jazz […]

Aebersold Vol.5 Time To Play Music (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.5 Time To Play Music Beginner/Intermediate. This is your chance! Take the techniques and theory you’ve learned from Volumes 1, 21, 24, 2 & 3 and apply them to a real playing situation on comfortable tunes. A great volume to use when making the transition from learning scales and chords to actually playing melodies […]

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