Aebersold Vol.63 Tom Harrell (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.63 Tom Harrell Intermediate/Advanced. Tom has earned the reputation of one of New York’s finest jazz trumpet players and is quickly becoming known for the refreshing style of composition. Here we have 12 of Tom’s hand picked favorites representing a wide range of different styles and grooves. All are a unique blend of contemporary […]

Aebersold Vol.62 Wes Montgomery (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.62 Wes Montgomery Intermediate/Advanced. 11 groovin‘ jazz masterpieces from the legendary Wes Montgomery and accompanied by a swingin‘ rhythm section in the style of his popular band. Wes‘ natural and effortless style is evident in each one of these soulful standards. Great fun for all musicians and wonderful additions to your song list for […]

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Aebersold Vol.60 Freddie Hubbard (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.60 Freddie Hubbard Intermediate/Advanced. 11 bandstand favorites composed and/or recorded by one of Jazz’s greatest trumpet innovators. Different than most of our other volumes where many tunes incorporate new musical influences and styles such as rock, latin, and fusion. Perfect for anyone wishing to ’spice up‘ their repertoire. 6 high-powered professional musicians back you […]

Aebersold Vol.59 Invitation (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.59 Invitation Intermediate/Advanced. Due to the amazing popularity and success of Volume 49 ‚Sugar,‘ we released our 2nd edition featuring the Hammond B-3 Organ! All songs are recorded at relaxed ‚groove‘ tempos that inspire laid-back performance and open up whole new avenues of creativity. Allows the bass or chording parts of the organ to […]

Aebersold Vol.58 Unforgettable Standards (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.58 Unforgettable Standards Intermediate/Advanced. Lush ballads and swingin‘ standards for every occasion, tastefully played by an outstanding rhythm section and made ‚unforgettable‘ by such great jazzmen as Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Ray Noble, and Nat King Cole. A practical and enjoyable set for all jazz players. These songs are essential in the […]

Aebersold Vol.56 Thelonious Monk (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.56 Thelonious Monk Intermediate/Advanced. Monk was one of the most influential pianists/composers Jazz has ever produced. His originality and unorthodox style fascinates both musicians and fans and continues to shape the styles of young players. Here is a vintage collection of Classic Monk; most of which need no introduction. Includes two originals by Jamey […]

Aebersold Vol. 55 Yesterdays - Jerome Kern Jazz Classics (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol. 55 Yesterdays – Jerome Kern Jazz Classics Intermediate/Advanced. Don’t leave home without knowing these 11 essential standards by one of America’s greatest composers. Jerome Kern’s style of composing (fresh, flowing harmonies and memorable, lyrical melodies) caught the attention of Jazz players in the 40s and 50s and still inspires thousands of new musicians […]

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Aebersold Vol.54 Maiden Voyage (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.54 Maiden Voyage Beginning/Intermediate. Standards and workouts for making the transition from playing scales & chords. An excellent resource for beginning improv. Features slower tempos, easier changes, and specific tips on approaching soloing. Scales written for every chord change. Perfect for High School and College music directors! For more easy standards at easy tempos, […]

Aebersold Vol.51 Night & Day (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.51 Night & Day All Levels. 13 of the most popular songs ever produced by composers such as George Gershwin and Cole Porter. Like jazz tunes, many of these originated from Broadway shows. Beautiful ballads, bluesy slow swings, soaring melodies, interesting bridges, and daring lyrics have all been discovered and reinvented by Jazz’s most […]

Aebersold Vol.49 Sugar (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.49 Sugar All Levels. Nothing beats the thumpin‘ sound and feel of the Hammond B3 Organ. People from the great Jimmy Smith to the young and exciting Joey DeFrancesco have demonstrated its unique ability to swing hard! Now, for the first time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to play along with two […]

Aebersold Vol.47 I Got Rhythm (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.47 I Got Rhythm Rhythm Changes durch alle Tonarten. All Levels. Explores the fundamentals of playing the popular chord changes jazzers refer to as ‚Rhythm Changes.‘ For decades, jazz greats have used this chord progression as a springboard to new interpretations and improvisations. Charlie Parker practiced ‚I Got Rhythm‘ in all 12 keys and […]

Aebersold Vol.46 Out Of This World (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.46 Out Of This World All Levels. A cross section of ageless standards encompassing a wide span of styles and musical periods from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, gleaned from Broadway shows, best-selling records and popular musicals. You’re guaranteed to find this set to be ‚Out Of This World‘. Lyrics included. Rhythm Section: Mulgrew […]

Aebersold Vol.45 Bill Evans (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.45 Bill Evans Intermediate/Advanced. Harmonically speaking, Bill Evans remains one of the most influential musicians and composers in jazz. His compositions are among the richest and most original, laced with beautiful, lush alterations and passing chords. This set represents a sampling of Bill’s illustrious career from Waltz For Debby, written in 1954, to Laurie, […]

Aebersold Vol.42 Blues All Keys (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.42 Blues All Keys Blues in allen Tonarten. Noten für: Play Along Notenverlag: Jamey Aebersold Jazz AEB-V42DS Noten Informationen und Preis: Aebersold Vol.42 Blues All Keys

Aebersold Vol.40 Round Midnight (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.40 Round Midnight All Levels. If you own one Classic jazz recording, there is a good chance it contains at least one of these songs. Offers a good variety of song types, from the beautiful, haunting ‚Round Midnight, to the exciting and often played Love For Sale. Complimenting those are some of the best […]

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