Aebersold Vol.83 Brecker Brothers (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.83 Brecker Brothers Intermediate/Advanced. Be like Mike! For years, musicians have been requesting a high quality funk/fusion Play-A-Long of well- known recorded hits; this is it! The Grammy winning Brecker Brothers band has successfully blended jazz, electronics, and contemporary rhythms into exciting, energetic jazz that has become accessible to popular audiences without compromising quality. […]

Aebersold Vol.82 Dexter Gordon (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.82 Dexter Gordon Intermediate. Only in his last years as an actor in the acclaimed movie ‚Round Midnight‘ did Dexter Gordon gain widespread popularity, but jazz musicians have known about him for decades through his big band sound, hard swing, and roaring compositions. Learn and enjoy these songs which are part of his great […]

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Aebersold Vol.81 Contemporary Standards And Originals (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.81 Contemporary Standards And Originals Intermediate/Advanced. A new twist on old standards, David’s challenging, inventive arrangements of well-known tunes are welcome additions to the library of musicians looking for a fresh perspective. David has substituted his own unique harmonies and grooves (odd meter, fusion, waltz, etc.) to create something really special. Rhythm Section: Phil […]

Aebersold Vol.80 Indiana (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.80 Indiana Intermediate. One dozen more great American standards in the mode of Volume 79 ‚Avalon.‘ Many contemporary compositions, particularly Bebop tunes, have taken their harmonies from these wonderful, ageless songs. Book includes lyrics. Rhythm Section: Mark Levine (p); Tyrone Wheeler (b); Barry Ries (d) Noten für: Play Along Notenverlag: Jamey Aebersold Jazz AEB-V80DS […]

Aebersold Vol.79 Avalon (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.79 Avalon Intermediate/Advanced. 12 great American songs from the golden age of popular music. These songs have been enjoyed and recorded in a variety of ways by countless musicians over different jazz eras. Get back to the root of today’s music! Book includes lyrics. Rhythm Section: Dan Haerle (p); Lynn Seaton (b); Ed Soph(d) […]

Aebersold Vol.77 Paquito D'Rivera (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.77 Paquito D'Rivera 13 Latin-, Brazilian- und Carribean-Jazz-Stücke. Intermediate/Advanced. From the source! Paquito produced and oversaw the recording himself using his own world renowned band! The diverse music presented here is a welcome addition to every musician’s Play-A-Long library. This set contrasts the thrill of hot, exciting Latin classics with the meditative, laid-back feel […]

Aebersold Vol.76 How To Learn Tunes (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.76 How To Learn Tunes Anleitung zum schnelleren und effektiveren Auswendiglernen von Stücken, für Fortgeschrittene. Intermediate/Advanced. Until now, the task of memorizing tunes has required a great amount of time and has been left to chance by the musician. With no rules, guidelines, or systematic methods of study, the task has left musicians with […]

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Aebersold Vol.75 Countdown To Giant Steps (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.75 Countdown To Giant Steps Intermediate/Advanced. This could have been titled ‚Baby Steps to Giant Steps.‘ Finally, there is a ’steps‘ method of learning not only Giant Steps and Countdown, but also how to substitute those elusive chord changes for ’standard‘ chord changes in well-known standards. The second CD breaks down the Giant Steps […]

Aebersold Vol.73 Stolen Moments (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.73 Stolen Moments Intermediate. 12 jazz favorites by the world renowned composer, arranger, and saxophone recording artist, Oliver Nelson. Includes one tune by Leonard Feather. A variety of feels and time signatures with a cooking rhythm section. This is the chance for everyone to discover and enjoy Oliver Nelson’s brilliant melodic touch and harmonic […]

Aebersold Vol.72 Street Of Dreams (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.72 Street Of Dreams Intermediate. The rhythm section sparkles on this exciting collection of 12 of the world’s most popular songs. You’ll enjoy the variety and be impressed with the nice balance of old and new well-known selections. Outstanding harmonic variety throughout. Once you’ve played through this Play-A-Long set, you’re sure to see why […]

Aebersold Vol.71 East Of The Sun (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.71 East Of The Sun Intermediate.12 tracks of the best music ever written. Songs represented here appeal to a variety of musical tastes. Jazz players have kept these tunes alive. From the lush, expressive ballads to the grooving, swinging standards, the appeal of these songs is world-wide. Book includes lyrics. Rhythm Section: Dan Haerle […]

Aebersold Vol.69 Bird Goes Latin (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.69 Bird Goes Latin Advanced. The popularity of Latin Jazz has been tremendous in recent years, and now this innovative Play-A-Long offers you these Charlie Parker originals in the Salsa/Latin Jazz style. This rhythmically unique treatment of Bird’s bebop classics inspires whole new directions in your playing. A new way to think about the […]

Aebersold Vol.68 Giant Steps (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.68 Giant Steps Advanced. If you’re ready for further challenges, try these slightly more difficult tunes in all 12 keys. Each tune begins with one chorus in the original key, and then moves through the other 11 keys. The tempos are moderate, but the real work-out begins when you start going through the various […]

Aebersold Vol.67 Tune Up (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.67 Tune Up Intermediate. One of the most important exercises one can attempt in jazz is to play tunes in all twelve keys. But often, this seems mysteriously difficult – Where do you begin? How can you hear the changes in those ‚odd‘ keys? Now anyone can do it with this fantastic Play-A-Long of […]

Aebersold Vol.66 Billy Strayhorn (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.66 Billy Strayhorn Intermediate. Billy Strayhorn is one of the best-loved, yet underrated composers of jazz. His famous collaborations with and for The Duke Ellington Band have become some of jazz’s most enduring standards. Now, for the first time, you can discover for yourself Strayhorn’s unique and beautiful style. Discover why Ellington felt such […]

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