Romantic Impressions, Books 1-3 (Klavier)

Romantic Impressions, Books 1-3 Romantic Impressions was especially written to provide pianists with the experience of expressive playing. Playing in a lyrical, expressive and romantic style is an important aspect in the development of intermediate pianists. Warm, lyrical, cantabile melodies and rich harmonic structures are found in this collection, carefully graded in four levels. The […]

Aebersold Vol.99 Soultrane (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.99 Soultrane Intermediate/Advanced. Tadd Dameron was one of the first great arrangers and composers in the Bebop era, contributing to many small groups and big bands throughout his career. Presented here is a tribute to Tadd; a collection of his most often played compositions that capture the heart and soul of the bop/post-bop era. […]

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Aebersold Vol.98 Antonio Carlos Jobim (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.98 Antonio Carlos Jobim Intermediate/Advanced. By popular request, here we have world-famous works from the Bossa Nova’s greatest master, played with exceptional taste and sensitivity in an authentic, relaxed style with a nylon string acoustic guitar rhythm section. For bossa novas with a discreet ‚jazz‘ flavor, check out Volume 31 ‚Bossa Novas.‘ Book includes […]

Aebersold Vol.97 Standards With Strings (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.97 Standards With Strings Intermediate/Advanced. When Charlie Parker made his famous ‚with strings‘ recordings, jazz musicians realized the potential of lushly orchestrated strings to enhance their own creativity. Legendary players soon followed suit, making a ‚with strings‘ album almost an essential rite of passage. Here are 10 beautiful standards arranged by jazz great and […]

Aebersold Vol.95 500 Miles High (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.95 500 Miles High Intermediate/Advanced. From ‚All Of Me‘ to ‚500 Miles High, ‚ these famous standards and jazz favorites make this an enjoyable set for all musicians. Play and learn with an exciting rhythm section. Rhythm Section: David Hazeltine (p); Dennis Irwin (b); Tony Reedus (d) Noten für: Play Along Notenverlag: Jamey Aebersold […]

Aebersold Vol.94 Hot House (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.94 Hot House Intermediate/Advanced. This set is for all those looking for a good collection of Bop favorites, Jazz Classics, and well-known standards; very much what you might encounter on a typical gig. The all-star rhythm section is one of the best in the business! Rhythm Section: James Williams (p); Christian McBride (b); Jeff […]

Aebersold Vol.92 Lennie Niehaus (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.92 Lennie Niehaus Intermediate. Lennie’s reputation as a jazz and film composer, arranger, and jazz recording artist is second to none. His musical and playable style of writing has made his many solo/etude books among the most popular jazz books in the world. Lennie has personally assembled the songs for this Play-A-Long and added […]

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Aebersold Vol.91 Player's Choice (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.91 Player's Choice Intermediate/Advanced. A collection of excellent tunes well-known to jazz fans and musicians because they have been played and recorded so often. Presented here is a nice assortment of forms and harmonies. Many of these songs, written by jazz musicians for jazz musicians, will become your personal favorites. Rhythm Section: Mark Levine […]

Aebersold Vol. 90 Odd Times (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol. 90 Odd Times Intermediate/Advanced. Featuring ‚Take Five!‘ Don’t feel uncomfortable every time someone calls a tune in an odd meter. At last, here is a thorough workout in odd time signatures, including 5/4, 6/8, 11/4, and alternating time feels that will give you the confidence and proficiency to perform at your best. Make […]

Aebersold Vol.89 Darn That Dream (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.89 Darn That Dream Intermediate/Advanced. 12 of the world’s most beautiful and often-played standards. Learn and enjoy these timeless classics while being accompanied by a rhythm section of master musicians. Book includes lyrics. Rhythm Section: Mark Levine (p); Lynn Seaton (b); Steve Davis (d) Noten für: Play Along Notenverlag: Jamey Aebersold Jazz AEB-V89DS Noten […]

Aebersold Vol.88: Millenium Blues (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.88: Millenium Blues Intermediate/Advanced. The BLUES are BACK!! The blues are the basis of much modern music, and this volume highlights many of the different ways the blues are approached in jazz. There are a variety of feels, grooves, and tempos which will give you a good workout on the blues progression. Rhythm Section: […]

Aebersold Vol.87: When Lights Are Low (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.87: When Lights Are Low Intermediate. Legendary multi-instrumentalist/composer Benny Carter has granted us the impressive honor of compiling a remarkable Play-A-Long of his favorite works. Mr. Carter’s fine harmonic awareness and keen melodic ear combine for unforgettable jazz compositions for every taste. Rhythm Section: Harry Pickens (p); Tyrone Wheeler (b); Steve Davis (d) Noten […]

Aebersold Vol.86 Shoutin' Out (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.86 Shoutin' Out Intermediate/Advanced. Few musicians and composers rival Horace Silver’s contribution to the jazz repertoire. His groups, recordings, and compositions have helped define the very shape of jazz today. A wide variety of Horace’s work is represented here, with a varied assortment of styles, tempos, and harmonies. These songs, along with Horace’s other […]

Aebersold Vol.85 Tunes You Thought You Knew (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.85 Tunes You Thought You Knew 11 Reharmonisationen von Standards. Intermediate/Advanced. The new millennium suggests a need for revamping great standards of the 20th century. Highly respected pianist, composer, and author Andy LaVerne has designed a set for such a purpose. Showcased are the musical and playable reharmonizations in a way musicians will find […]

Aebersold Vol.84 Dominant Seventh Workout (Play Along)

Aebersold Vol.84 Dominant Seventh Workout Viele Playalongs mit Dominantsept-Akkorden, mit zahlreichen Licks und typischen Phrasen aller in Betracht kommenden Skalen, mit 2 CDs. Intermediate/Advanced. The Dominant Seventh is possibly the most substituted, colored, and altered sound in modern music. Its flexibility and distinctive nature made it a favorite of composers throughout the 20th century and […]

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