An Approach To Comping Vol. 2: Advanced Concepts and Techniques (Klavier)

An Approach To Comping Vol. 2: Advanced Concepts and Techniques Im zweiten Band von ‚An Approach To Comping‘ erklärt Jeb Patton in 65 Übungen die Begleitstile moderner Jazzpianisten. Schritt für Schritt wird der Spieler in Rhythmen, Voicings und Akkordfolgen der großen Meister eingeführt. Die beiden CDs enthalten Demo- und Play Along-Tracks sowie Interviews über die […]

Building Solo Lines from Cells (Musiktheorie)

Building Solo Lines from Cells Die praktische Methode von Randy Vincent erweitert die Fähigkeit überzeugende Jazzsolos zu spielen. Er nimmt Soli bekannter Jazzlegenden und unterteilt sie in kleine’Zellen‘, die dann je nach harmonischer Situation zu längeren Motivketten neu zusammengesetzt werden können. Noten für: Musiktheorie Notenverlag: Sher Music Co. 1883217830 Noten Informationen und Preis: Building Solo […]

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The Jazz Singer's Guidebook (Gesang)

The Jazz Singer's Guidebook Topics covered include: the harmonic basis of the melody of songs, how to vary melodies, how to develop a greater awareness of the important harmonic details of songs, how to write a lead sheet, how to hear tensions and chord tones on chords, and much more! Noten für: Gesang Notenverlag: Sher […]

The Real Easy Ear Training Book (Musiktheorie)

The Real Easy Ear Training Book The most comprehensive book on hearing the changes ever published! Step by step, you will learn how to hear the bass line (the harmony’s foundation) in the major key, gradually add major and minor diatonic triads, investigate how the melody provides harmonic clues for determining the chord changes, continue […]

The Serious Jazz Book 2 (Musiktheorie)

The Serious Jazz Book 2 Starting where his ‚Serious Jazz Practice Book‘ left off, guitar legend Barry Finnerty has created another woodshed classic for all jazz soloists. Recording artist with Miles Davis, the Brecker Bros., the Crusaders, etc., Barry shows how to become a better improviser by melodically mastering the individual chords used in jazz, […]

Thames Journey (Blasorchester)

Thames Journey A 10-minute work which follows the journey of the Thames, from its origins as a few drops of water in Wiltshire to the point where it meets the open sea. Along the way, Hess draws upon many musical links along the Thames, such as an old Wiltshire melody, morris dancing in Oxfordshire, boating […]

Piano Gallery (Klavier)

Piano Gallery Moderne Bilder einer Ausstellung‘: Pam Wedgewood hat sich für dieses wunderbare Album von berühmten Kunstwerken inspirieren lassen. Für ein besseres Verständnis der Kompositionen sind die mittelschweren Klavierstücke mit erklärenden Texten versehen, zudem sind auf einem herausnehmbare Poster alle Gemälde abgebildet. Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Faber Music 0571540481 Noten Informationen und Preis: Piano Gallery

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Radiohead Complete (Songbücher)

Radiohead Complete Radiohead Complete is the ultimate collection of Radiohead songs, including every song ever released by the British rock band (at time of publication). This artist-approved 400-page book comprises over 160 songs, including B-sides and rarities, all with lyrics and guitar chords. It also features 48 pages of artwork by the band?s album artist […]

The Faber Music Piano Anthology (Klavier)

The Faber Music Piano Anthology The Faber Music Piano Anthology is a beautiful collection of core repertoire from the great composers, presented in progressive order. This luxury hardback edition features high-quality premium paper, page finder ribbon and ‚The Concerto‘ linocut cover image by Cyril Edward Power. Selected by pianist and teacher Melanie Spanswick, this anthology […]

Long Way Down (Songbücher)

Long Way Down Songbook von Long Way Down von Tom Odell – Noten für Klavier / Gesang / GitarreDas Debut-Album des britischen Singer-Songwiters Tom Odell wurde im Juni 2013 veröffentlicht und schoss sofort auf Platz 1 der Album-Charts. Hier gibt es das Songbook zum Album! Noten für: Songbücher Notenverlag: Music Sales 0571538231 Noten Informationen und […]

The Ukulele Playlist: Orange Book (Ukulele)

The Ukulele Playlist: Orange Book And for Beginners: The Really Easy Uke Book Noten für: Ukulele Notenverlag: Faber Music 0571536166 Noten Informationen und Preis: The Ukulele Playlist: Orange Book

The Ukulele Jazz Playlist: Purple Book (Ukulele)

The Ukulele Jazz Playlist: Purple Book I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your arrangements in The Ukulele Jazz Playlist (Purple Book) that I bought in France last year. The songs are great, the chords are great and the arrangements are excellent. The best uke book I've seen. Please do another! Dan […]

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Kinderchor)

Total Eclipse Of The Heart MiPro Magazine, January 2011 Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Faber Music 0571535364 Noten Informationen und Preis: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

The Family Jewels (Songbücher)

The Family Jewels Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer-songwriter who rose to fame after reaching number two on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, coming second to Ellie Goulding. This songbook is an artist-approved, deluxe edition matching folio to Marina’s debut album, Family […]

You're The Voice (Gesang)

You're The Voice The latest in the popular You’re the Voice series, featuring ten classic songs by James Blunt, arranged for Voice, Piano and Guitar. The accompanying CD contains authentic soundalike backing tracks for all of the songs, professionally arranged to recreate the sounds of the original recordings. Noten für: Gesang Notenverlag: Faber Music 0571534473 […]

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