Camel Parade (Flexibles Ensemble)

Camel Parade A bumpy camel ride to exotic places challenges young instrumentalists with new tonalities and accidentals. Extra percussion parts make for a very rhythmic journey. Noten für: Flexibles Ensemble Notenverlag: Norsk Noteservice WN261707480 Noten Informationen und Preis: Camel Parade

Watermelon Man (Flexibles Ensemble)

Watermelon Man Jetzt gibt es den Herbie Hancock-Klassiker ‚Watermelon Man‘ in einer groovigen Version für flexible fünfstimmige Besetzung. Inge Sunde hat sein Arrangement im leichten Schwierigkeitsgrad gehalten, wodurch aber nichts an Publikumswirksamkeit eingebüßt wird. Die Titel der FLEX 5-Reihe sind äußerst variabel besetzbar und bei wechselnden Besetzungen oftmals erste Wahl! Noten für: Flexibles Ensemble Notenverlag: […]

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Dambusters March Theme (Flexibles Ensemble)

Dambusters March Theme Eric Coates wrote this march for the Dam Busters movie in 1955. Since then, it has been performed by bands all over the world. This arrangement for beginners makes this beautiful melodic theme available also for the youngest musicians. Noten für: Flexibles Ensemble Notenverlag: Norsk Noteservice WN261707329 Noten Informationen und Preis: Dambusters […]

Just The Way You Are (Flexibles Ensemble)

Just The Way You Are The song ‚Just the way you are‘ by Billy Joel was released on the album ‚The Stranger‘ in 1977. It was Joel’s first song to reach the pop charts in the U.S.. It also got on the UK Top 20 singles list and was the first single that sold to […]

Panis Angelicus (Flexibles Ensemble)

Panis Angelicus César-Auguste-Jean-Guillaume-Hubert Franck (1822-1890) composed his famous Mass in 1872.The penultimate movement from this mass is the beautiful ‚Panis Angelicus‘ – ‚Bread of Angels‘.Solo Options: Vocal, Flute, Oboe, Eb-Clarinet, Bb-Clarinet, Altosax, Eb-Cornet, Bb- Trumpet, Eb-Horn, F-horn. Noten für: Flexibles Ensemble Notenverlag: Norsk Noteservice WN261707114 Noten Informationen und Preis: Panis Angelicus

Scarborough Fair (Flexibles Ensemble)

Scarborough Fair Scarborough Fair‘ is a traditional ballad of Great Britain about the North-Yorkshire town of Scarborough.The melody of the song is very typical of the middle-age England.In our time, it’s mostly connected with the English pop duo Simon and Grafunkel who made it a great hit single in 1966. Other great singers like Sarah […]

Jump (Flexibles Ensemble)

Jump Jump‘ – einer der größten Hits der achtziger Jahre – liegt hier in einer Fassung für 7-stimmig variabel besetzbares Ensemble vor. Idar Torskangerpoll hat den Titel für flexible Besetzung im mittel-leichten Schwierigkeitsgrad adaptiert.Die Titel aus der Reihe ‚Flex 7‘ des norwegischen Verlags Norsk Noteservice gehören zu den sehr beliebten Ausgaben unserer Kunden, da sie […]

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Doo Be Doo (Flexibles Ensemble)

Doo Be Doo This South African tune is by ‚Freshlyground‘ the band most known for ‚waka waka‘ with Shakira during the Football World Cup in South Africa. This is indeed happy music and captures many elements of the african music culture. Watch out: this song has the potential to be an earworm.. Noten für: Flexibles […]

Born In The U.S.A. (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Born In The U.S.A. The opening riff from the Bruce Springsteen hit Born in the USA is immediately recognizable for people all over the world. The melody lies close to the riff, and its variation lies mostly in small differences in syncopation and forming of the melodic line. This arrangement makes is suitable for beginning […]

Andante In C Major for Flute (Flexibles Ensemble)

Andante In C Major for Flute Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote music in many genres. The most famous of his works are written in opera, piano concertos and sonatas, symphonies and string quartets and string quintets. Mozart wrote in addition many instrumental solo works. Andante for Flute and Orchestra in C major, K. 315 (1778) is […]

The Water Is Wide (Flexibles Ensemble)

The Water Is Wide The Water is Wide, also called ‚O Waly, Waly‘ is one of the most famous and played folksongs. The melody is of English origin based on lyrics which partly date to the 1600s. The theme is used by both classical- and popular composers, it is used in a number of films […]

Paradise (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Paradise Paradise by British band ‚Coldplay‘ was released on single record in September 2011 and is also a part of their fifth studio record; ‚Mylo Xyoto‘. The song soon became one of the band’s biggest hits and it was the best-selling rock-single in the UK for 2011. In 2012, the song was also used for […]

Jailhouse Rock (Flexibles Ensemble)

Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley made this song a timeless classic in 1957. One of the most recorded and performed rock rock songs ever since then. Noten für: Flexibles Ensemble Notenverlag: Norsk Noteservice WN261704632 Noten Informationen und Preis: Jailhouse Rock

Java (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Java Java was a big hit performed by the legendary New Orleans trumpeter Al Hirt. The song was written in 1963 by Allen Toussaint, one of the most influential composers in the New Orleans era.The titles of Toussaint’s songs was inspired by racing horses‘ navmes, and so is also with Java. Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble […]

Crazy (Flexibles Ensemble)

Crazy Oliver Nelson wrote this song early 1961, at a time when he not yet had started his career as a recording artist but mainly wrote songs for other artists. Crazy was originally written for the country singer Billy Walker, but he turned it down, because he meant that it was a ‚girl’s song‘.Instead, it […]

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