Funky Tango (Saxophon)

Funky Tango True to its title, Funky Tango is a groovin‘ journey in the style of Argentina’s most famous dance music. Solos (written or improvised) for all four saxes make this a great piece to highlight all quartet members. Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV07404 Noten Informationen und Preis: Funky Tango

Crossover Pieces for Saxophone (Saxophon)

Crossover Pieces for Saxophone Crossover Pieces for Saxophone by Peter Lehel offers the saxophonist a most varied stylistic palette of concert pieces in combination with comprehensive and illustrative information on the structure of the compositions with regard to composition techniques, melody, harmony and ideas for improvisation. Additionally, the book presents essential and creative exercises based […]

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Stratosphere (Saxophon)

Stratosphere This book is a response to the proliferation of the usage of the altissimo register by composers and performers and is intended to prepare the advanced saxophonist with the ability to meet the demands of the modern repertoire. Etudes in a variety of musical styles, practice concepts, exercises, and a brief history are included […]

Daily Technical Studies for Saxophone (Saxophon)

Daily Technical Studies for Saxophone Within the framework of this book I can only endeavor to present a mere part of the work educators and instrumentalists have contributed to the field of saxophone studies throughout many years. On behalf of all the Cuban saxophone instructors and masters, professors such as Arturo Bonachea, ‚Tito‘ Rivera, Osvaldo […]

Sax Soneando (La Flauta) (Saxophon)

Sax Soneando (La Flauta) A comprehensive introduction to saxophone styles in traditional and contemporary Cuban music from one of the most renowned and internationally acclaimed Cuban musicians (Cubanismo, Irakere, Buena Vista Social Club and many others). Features numerous etudes and five original compositions in the styles of Cha-cha-cha, Danzon, Bolero, Guaracha and Latin Jazz. (All […]

Multiphonics for the Saxophone (Saxophon)

Multiphonics for the Saxophone 177 verschiedene Griffkombinationen in anschaulichen Diagrammen, 99 S. Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV07130 Noten Informationen und Preis: Multiphonics for the Saxophone

The Saxophone Intonation Workbook (Saxophon)

The Saxophone Intonation Workbook Trent Kynaston’s Saxophone Intonation Workbook is a thorough, organized approach to approaching saxophone intonation. Basic concepts of embouchure and breathing, understanding the role of your equipment, and developing voicing techniques are all explored. Included is a tuning CD with numerous exercises along with additional scale and arpeggio studies. This is a […]

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20 Tunes in Basic Styles for Saxophone (Saxophon)

20 Tunes in Basic Styles for Saxophone These 20 pieces are not only written in modern styles – covering latin, tango, Klezmer, reggae, blues, rock, bossa, swing and salsa – but also in traditional styles typical of certain countries such as Ireland, Hungary, Italy and the like. They almost call for the complete range of […]

Suite 'Exposiciones' (Saxophon)

Suite 'Exposiciones' Soprano Saxophone (opt. Alto Saxophone) & Piano includes suggested solo part This composition is in its own way meant to be a tribute dedicated to Paquito D’Rivera showing the author’s appreciation for this musician as an exponent of Cuban music of the past and present century, who represents a stronghold and example for […]

Five Klezmer Pieces (Saxophon)

Five Klezmer Pieces This collection contains five traditional Klezmer pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano.To give the musician the opportunity to create his own phrases, the composer didn?t use any articulations or embellishment signs. Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV07075 Noten Informationen und Preis: Five Klezmer Pieces

Mainburger Duette (Saxophon)

Mainburger Duette Includes: No I Allegro, No II Andante, No III Vivace, No IV Moderato, No V Andante, No VI Allegro Though I consider myself to be primarily a jazz performer, classical music – above all instrumental baroque music and Viennese Classicism – have always been very important to me. For quite a long time, […]

Duo Iterum (Saxophon)

Duo Iterum 5 Duets for Baritone and Alto or Tenor Saxophone Each of the pieces – in their entirety intended to be a coherent suite – is written in a different key and has a tempo and groove (basical rhythmic feeling) of its own. Jazz sound and jazz phrasing are essential for their performance. Calypso, […]

7 Duets for Saxophone (Saxophon)

7 Duets for Saxophone 2 alto saxophone (opt. tenor saxophone) The level of the duets is medium to advanced and the styles are varied: Play with Me (dual meter swing), Mice n‘ Rice (swing), Lilly’s Pad Refried Dreams (5/4 shuffle blues), Fools Blues (Count Basie style riff blues), Blue By You (swing), Bossa Mississippi (samba). […]

Four Pieces (Saxophon)

Four Pieces I. Restless Is the Soul of Grace, II. These Words Lie Soft, III. For You I’ve Waited, IV. Turning LightFour Pieces for Alto Saxophone & Piano offer some lively musical world that while markoff a series of jazz pallets. Each piece marks a different influence in its changing moods, jazz colors and melodic […]

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Saxophon)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot This collection of pieces for saxophone and organ or piano, Spirituals for Saxophone arranged by Friedemann Graef, is designed for use in concert performances as well as for church services and other ceremonies. This traditional American spiritual, „Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,“ has been extended by composed introductions and endings, or interludes […]

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