A Klezmer Wedding (Saxophon)

A Klezmer Wedding Includes ‚Doina‘, ‚Hora‘, ‚Chusidl‘ and ‚Freylach‘ Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV07603 Noten Informationen und Preis: A Klezmer Wedding

Ulla in Africa (Saxophon)

Ulla in Africa Afro-funk, includes optional easy and medium solos, transposed and adjusted for Bflat and E flat saxophones. Compatible with the edition for clarinet ensemble. Medium easy Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV7602 Noten Informationen und Preis: Ulla in Africa

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Confidence (Saxophon)

Confidence This original composition uses different stylistic elements taken from jazz, rock, and classical music. Solos can be played as written or improvised. Compatible with the edition for clarinet. Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV7601 Noten Informationen und Preis: Confidence

El Bororo (Saxophon)

El Bororo Saxophone Quintet (AATTB) + Rhythm Section (Piano, Double Bass, Conga Drums, Cowbell, Drums) This mambo-inspired piece of music is dedicated with great affection to Juan Carlos Ledón aka El Bororo‘, an outstanding Cuban saxophonist, who presently works as a teacher at ‚Belén Jesuit Preparatory School‘ in Miami / USA.The influence of jazz standards […]

Jump for Joy (Saxophon)

Jump for Joy Saxophone Quintet (AAATB) Jump for Joy is a cheerful tune featuring an amusing dialogue between the two alto saxophones, which is then followed by a groovy walking bass solo performed by the baritone sax. This is the perfect piece for concluding a concert: It really puts the audience in high spirits and […]

Jig (Saxophon)

Jig Saxophone Quintet (SAATB) The Jig is the first of the four movements of the ‚St Paul’s Suite‘ (op.29, No. 2) written by the British composer Gustav Holst in 1912. Holst composed this work for the string orchestra of the St Paul’s Girls‘ School in Hammersmith where he had already been holding the position of […]

Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5 (Saxophon)

Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5 Saxophone Quintet (SAATB) Brahmsu2019 Hungarian Dances are among the most popular compositions in the fi eld of light classical music with dance no. 5 probably being the most well-known one of the altogether 21 pieces of the cycle. It is this dance the arrangement for saxophone quintet at hand is based […]

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Sevilla (Saxophon)

Sevilla The Spanish composer and pianist Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz‘ (y Pascual) fascinating and eventful biography is informatively described in the relevant specialist literature; with a few clicks, though, you might also do some successful research on the internet. Albéniz is considered to be the father of Spanish national music per se. Incorporating rhythms and […]

Echo from the Past (Saxophon)

Echo from the Past Saxophone Quintet (SATTB/AATTB) What is initially just a cloud of mysterious sounds turns into a contemplative melody played by the soprano. But then the five saxophones start swinging, the baritone begins walking and, finally, all of them launch into a soli section. This piece tells a personal story, like the great […]

November Spring (Saxophon)

November Spring Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone 1 (or Soprano Saxophone) Alto Saxophone 2 Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone 2 (optional) Baritone Saxophone Duration: approx. 4:10 min. Advanced The cheerful and expressive pop-jazz song November Spring was originally written for saxophone quartet Wheeze (two altos, tenor and baritone). It is a feature for the 1st alto (optional soprano […]

We Three Kings of Orient Are (Saxophon)

We Three Kings of Orient Are We Three Kings of Orient Are is one of my favorite English carols that I sang in my childhood, updated to play with jazz quartets in concerts. This Saxophone Quintet version (soprano, alto, 2 tenors and baritone) sets the originally solemn melody in a swinging reggae groove that slides […]

Sonata (Kirkpatrick 380) (Saxophon)

Sonata (Kirkpatrick 380) Marked „Andante Commodo,“ this faithful adaptation of the Scarlatti theme features the harmonic clarity, melodic ornamentation, and straightforward rhythms of music written in the Baroque era. For saxophone quintet/sextet (SAATB(B)). Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV07557 Noten Informationen und Preis: Sonata (Kirkpatrick 380)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Saxophon)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Playing jazz versions of Christmas music has always been a joy for me, and I arranged this version of the English carol God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen to reflect the way I have performed this with a jazz quartet. Written for saxophone quintet (2 altos, 2 tenors and baritone), this […]

I Gotta Funk, Buddy (Saxophon)

I Gotta Funk, Buddy Hardly any other musical style is that much associated with special attributes as funk is: a fancy outfit, a hot hairdo and an out-of-the-way mode of behaviour. I Gotta Funk, Buddy also features an optional drum part. Why don?t you ask a drummer buddy of yours to even fit an improvised […]

Yo! (Saxophon)

Yo! This piece about joy, funk and groove is fun to play. It was written in 1994, inspired by the music of Bob Mintzer and it features the tenor saxophone (improvised solo and written counterpoint lines). The original version for five saxophones is actually a piece for quartet and soloist. In the four-saxophone version, the […]

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