Le Livre Du Piano Jazz (Klavier)

Le Livre Du Piano Jazz For anyone who wants to learn the basics of contemporary jazz piano. Over 300 pages of scales, voicings, tritone and other substitution, theory, comping, soloing, and much more. Sample voicings and 25 superb solos. This is one of the most popular books about jazz piano ever published.La référence mondiale des […]

Modale Suite (Klavier)

Modale Suite Ballade, Jazz Marsch, à la Chick Corea, à la John Coltrane, etc. – sehr leichte Stücke Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV09210 Noten Informationen und Preis: Modale Suite

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Brazilian Rhythms On The Keyboard (Klavier)

Brazilian Rhythms On The Keyboard This book offers clear instruction in the performance of many of the wonderful styles of Brazilian Music and valuable guidance in the performance of the exciting grooves that Cidinho created along the way. Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV09040 Noten Informationen und Preis: Brazilian Rhythms On The Keyboard

Jazz Keyboard Study (Klavier)

Jazz Keyboard Study Ein Arbeitsbuch für Pianisten und Nichtpianisten für den Privatgebrauch und in der Schule. Ursprünglich als zweisemestriger College-Kurs konzipiert ist es auch zum Selbststudium hevorragend geeignet. A Workbook for Both, Non-Pianists and PianistsFor Private Studio and Classroom Use Originally designed to work over a two-semester college course length it is also ideal for […]

Beyond Dreams (Klavier)

Beyond Dreams Nine stylistically diverse soundscapes for the piano with suggestions for motivic improvisation.The pieces in this book were conceived as tonal short stories, emphasizing melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, and form one at the time but never neglecting the others.Hubert Nuss, solo piano Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV09032 Noten Informationen und Preis: Beyond […]

Preludes, Vol. 3 (Klavier)

Preludes, Vol. 3 Six preludes for solo piano using vocabulary from both the classical and the jazz traditions.Prelude XIII (G flat) focuses on a lovely right hand melody that sits on top a constantly shifting set of rich and increasingly chromatic harmonies.The first improvised section suggests Debussy colors, while the second improvisation calls for a […]

A Creative Approach To Jazz Piano Harmony (Klavier)

A Creative Approach To Jazz Piano Harmony An approach to unlocking the limitless harmonic possibilities which are unique to the piano. This approach can be developed in a personal manner through a lifetime without ever exhausting the creative possibilities. Of course, it is also applicable to jazz composing and arranging.Recipient of the German Music Publishers […]

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Das Groove Piano Buch (Klavier)

Das Groove Piano Buch Im Jazz und in der Popularmusik ist die Hauptaufgabe des Pianisten oder des Keyboarders, einen harmonischen und klanglichen Teppich zu bereiten und rhythmische Unterstützung für die anderen Musiker zu bieten. Zum Ausbau und zur Perfektion dieser Fähigkeiten bietet der Autor in diesem Buch/CD Set eine Fülle von Anregungen und über 100 […]

Das Jazz Piano Buch (Klavier)

Das Jazz Piano Buch Sehr umfassendes Buch mit vielen Tips und Übungen zu Akkordaufbau, Begleitung und Improvisation, mit Intervallen, Dreiklängen, II-V-I Verbindungen, dreistimmigen Voicings, Left Hand-Voicings, Skalen, Quartenakkorden, pentatonischen Skalen, Salsa, Latin Jazz, u.v.m., 270 S., dt. Das Jazz Piano Buch behandelt fundamentale Techniken und fortgeschrittene Spielweisen der Zeitspanne von Bud Powell bis zur Gegenwart.Der […]

How To Play Piano In A Big Band (Klavier)

How To Play Piano In A Big Band Improvisation is at the heart of jazz, but knowing how to play stylistically correct in a large jazz ensemble is also a necessity. How to Play Piano in a Big Band offers tips, suggestions, examples and a play along CD to help you put it all together. […]

Whole Notes (Klavier)

Whole Notes Concerned with how as well as what to play, Whole Notes is both a piano method book per se and, more importantly, a guidebook to accompany the reader’s personal journey into music. Posture, practicing, mental and physical health, using weight and force, economy of movement and expression are some of the topics addressed. […]

Alone Together Just Me (Klavier)

Alone Together Just Me Solo piano improvisations, transcribed by Bill Dobbins.Songs included: Yesterdays; Everything Happens To Me; ‚Round Midnight; (I Would Do) Anything For You; Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow); Ill Wind; Pensativa (Pensive Woman); Du, Du, liegst mir im Herzen; ‚Excerpt‘ from Canonic Passacaglia. Clare Fischer has been, up to now, the best kept secret in […]

Harmonic Exercises For Piano (Klavier)

Harmonic Exercises For Piano Harmonische Übungen zur Stärkung der Finger, zur Erhöhung der Beweglichkeit und zum harmonischen Denken am Keyboard. Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV09002 Noten Informationen und Preis: Harmonic Exercises For Piano

Piano Music Vol. 1 (Klavier)

Piano Music Vol. 1 Mittelschwere Arrangements, teils mit Fingersatz Six through-composed originals Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV09001 Noten Informationen und Preis: Piano Music Vol. 1

Now He Sings Now He Sobs (Klavier)

Now He Sings Now He Sobs Complete piano transcriptions from the classic trio recording, transcribed by Bill Dobbins. ‚Now He Sings, Now He Sobs‘ is one of the greatest trio recordings in jazz history. Along with Ahmad Jamal’s ‚Chamber Music of the New Jazz‘, Bill Evans‘ ‚Explorations‘ and Paul Bley’s ‚Footloose‘, the music on this […]

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