Ten Melodies For Memory (Schlagzeug)

Ten Melodies For Memory 10 snare drum solos plus two pieces for snare drum and bass drum.Musically outstanding collection, written by a master drummer who has performed and recorded with Charles Mingus and other jazz greats. Noten für: Schlagzeug Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV13006 Noten Informationen und Preis: Ten Melodies For Memory

Percussion And Rhythm Workshop (Schlagzeug)

Percussion And Rhythm Workshop Text: english/deutsch An excellent collection of exercises for snare drum and drumset (including open and closed roll exercises) drum grooves, percussion solos, duets, snare drum trios, and works for larger percussion ensembles (4-6 players), as well as nine original compositions by the author. Noten für: Schlagzeug Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV13005 Noten […]

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The Art Of Drumming (Schlagzeug)

The Art Of Drumming Text: English / français ‚The Art of Drumming‘ includes exercises written specifically to expand the musician’s sense of phrasing over the barline and to develop self-confidence in a deeper sense of time, while enhancing a sense of melodic and polyrhythmic phrasing.The exercises are designed to expand the musician’s self-understanding and to […]

African Rhythms For Percussion (Percussion)

African Rhythms For Percussion Christian Bourdon’s new book features traditional and modern African rhythms for Conga, Tumba and Djembe. The focus is on special playing techniques (floating hand, ‚bascules‘) with exercises for one and two players plus 3 solo pieces. ISBN 3-89221-080-2 Noten für: Percussion Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV13003 Noten Informationen und Preis: African Rhythms […]

Vienna Big Band Machine (Schlagzeug)

Vienna Big Band Machine Heft mit Playalong-CD (ohne Schlagzeug aufgenommen), mit 14 Bigband Titeln: Funk, Latin, Rock, etc. Alle Drum Parts sind notiert, mit zusätzlichen Übungen. Die CD ist auch als Vollversion mit Schlagzeug lieferbar. This unique publication for drummers includes:A CD with 14 play-along tracks (without drums): Funk-Shuffle, Funk-Rock, Latin-Funk, Straight Funk, Hip-Hop Shuffle, […]

Jazz Drumming (Schlagzeug)

Jazz Drumming Text mit Analysen, dt., frz., engl., CD mit Beispielen und Play-Alongs, Chorustranskriptionen. Text: English – français – deutschThe recordings contain two mixes of each composition, one mix for listening and one mix to play along with (without drums). Sidemen include John Abercrombie (guitar), Richie Beirach or Bill Dobbins (piano), Jimmy Knepper (trombone), David […]

The Music of George Robert (Songbücher)

The Music of George Robert George Robert belongs to a very select group of young European jazz musicians who have had a successful career worldwide.He has performed and recorded with many of the jazz giants and is in great demand as a saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, arranger and educator. His discography is very impressive and his […]

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The Music Of Clare Fischer Vol. 2 (Klavier)

The Music Of Clare Fischer Vol. 2 Born on October 22, 1928 in Durand, Michigan, Clare Fischer is an uncommonly versatile musician, a master with many muses. Trained in the classics, inspired by jazz artists, healed by the rhythms of Latin and Brazilian music, his eclectic sound finds expression in every chart and instrument he […]

The Music Of Clare Fischer Vol. 1 (Klavier)

The Music Of Clare Fischer Vol. 1 Over 40 songs by one of the most unique composers in the history of jazz, for the first time in print in their original form, using the composer’s manuscripts, including his most popular songs Morning and Pensativa, tunes from his critically acclaimed record ‚Extension,‘ a representative collection of […]

The Music of Richie Beirach Vol. 1 (Klavier)

The Music of Richie Beirach Vol. 1 Eine Auswahl von Originalkompositionen, mit Diskographie und kurzen Erklärungen zu jedem Stück, 70 S., u.a. A Long overdue representative selection of compositions by one of the most unique voices in jazz. Includes two versions for three tunes (Broken Wing, Leaving with Lyrics, and Nitelake), faksimiles, a selected discography […]

Contemporary Harmony (Musiktheorie)

Contemporary Harmony Harmonie und Kontrapunkt von der Spätromantik bis heute, mit vielenBeispielen aus der Literatur. Noten für: Musiktheorie Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV11400 Noten Informationen und Preis: Contemporary Harmony

Changes Over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging (Musiktheorie)

Changes Over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging Abriss der Entwicklung des Jazz-Arrangements von den Anfängen bis heute in Beispielen, 222 S., mit CD und vielen Partiturausschnitten. Changes Over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging‘ is conceived to illustrate, through comparative case studies, the dramatic development of rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, orchestrational, and structural variation in […]

A Guide To Jazz Arranging and Composing (Musiktheorie)

A Guide To Jazz Arranging and Composing Alles rund ums Thema Komponieren und Arrangieren: Melodieführung, Arrangiertechniken für kleine und große Ensembles, Harmonisation, u.v.m. This book evolved from 40 years of teaching jazz composition and arranging plus 50 years of personal writing experience in the professional field. It is, therefore, a comprehensive study, covering preparatory activities, […]

The Forgotten Chords (Musiktheorie)

The Forgotten Chords This book is devoted to the forgotten chords from harmonic minor and harmonic major. As far as that goes, it is addressed to the advanced musician who already has the theoretical basis at his disposal. But in order to explore the area of harmonic minor and harmonic major, a closer examination of […]

Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony Vol. 2 (Musiktheorie)

Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony Vol. 2 Kompositions- und Harmonielehre für Fortgeschrittene mit ausführlichen Kapiteln über Melodieführung und -Analyse, Reharmonisation und Pentatonischer Komposition, 141 S. The goal of Volume 2 of ‚Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony‘ is to continue the dissemination of information that presents a path of study for the aspiring jazz composer. Where […]

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