Symphonie op. 21 (Sinfonieorchester)

Symphonie op. 21 Kl(B), Bkl(B), 2 Hr(F), Hf, Vl.I, Vl.II, Va, Vc Dauer (min): 10 Min. Noten für: Sinfonieorchester Notenverlag: Universal Edition PH368 Noten Informationen und Preis: Symphonie op. 21

Klavierkonzert Nr. 2 (Sinfonieorchester)

Klavierkonzert Nr. 2 3 2 2 3 – 4 3 3 1 – Pk, Schl(2), Str Details Dauer (min): 25 Min. Noten für: Sinfonieorchester Notenverlag: Universal Edition PH306 Noten Informationen und Preis: Klavierkonzert Nr. 2

Musik Werbenetz

Musik Werbenetz

Songs of the Bible (Gemischter Chor)

Songs of the Bible Wenn Gospelpastor Joachim Dierks zu Gospel-Events und Gottesdiensten in seine Kirche einlädt, kommen die Menschen von nah und fern um sich von seiner Musik bewegen und anstecken zu lassen. Seine Songs prägen das Gemeindeleben. Sie erzählen direkt von den Menschen, von der Begegnung mit Christus und lassen die Botschaft der Bibel […]

Abide With Me (Holzbläserensemble)

Abide With Me This beautiful hymn has been arranged to feature all the members in a quintet. This arrangement opens with a short introduction then proceeds through several verses. Each verse is scored differently for interest with the melody wandering throughout the ensemble. Noten für: Holzbläserensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note Publications WWQ2525 Noten Informationen und Preis: […]

Variations For Seven Winds (Gemischtes Bläserensemble)

Variations For Seven Winds This difficult new work has been scored for flute, oboe, clarinet in A, horn in F, bassoon, trumpet in C and trombone. This is another brilliant composition by this talented Canadian. The combination of a woodwind quintet with two brass allows for a wide spectrum of colours. The musical lines throughout […]

Largo From Winter From 'The Four Seasons' (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Largo From Winter From 'The Four Seasons' This is a great lyrical solo for a member of the ensemble (either flute, oboe or clarinet). Pizzicato-like accompaniment is played under the soaring legato solo line. This is a great piece that can be played on many occasions. Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note Publications WWE2962 […]

Bolero (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Bolero As the title suggests, this piece is Spanish in style. After opening with a short fanfare, the melody is then passed equally between the two parts with the lower voices adding rhythmic chords and countermelodies. Fun and energetic, this is a great piece to add some international colour to a concert or special event. […]

Wachet Auf (Holzbläserensemble)

Wachet Auf J.S. Bach’s Wachet Auf has been arranged almost as many times as Pachelbel’s Canon. What makes this version different is that the melody appears in all voices rather than just the topmost voice. This arrangement for 2 flutes and 2 clarinets is approachable for many groups to add this beautiful piece to their […]

Rag-Time Dance (Holzbläserensemble)

Rag-Time Dance This is a famous Joplin rag which has been arranged for 2 flutes and 2 clarinets. The flutes and clarinets alternate melodic sections and even the 2nd clarinet gets a section of melody. This is a fun up-beat tune to add something different to your next concert. Noten für: Holzbläserensemble Notenverlag: Eighth Note […]

Musik Werbenetz