The Best Of (Easy Piano) (Klavier)

The Best Of (Easy Piano) Dan Coates offers 12 of the Eagles‘ biggest hits in his popular easy piano arrangements. Titles Noten für: Klavier Notenverlag: Alfred Publishing AF9556 Noten Informationen und Preis: The Best Of (Easy Piano)

Klezmer Suite (Klarinette)

Klezmer Suite Klezmer ist das jiddische Wort für Musiker. Heutzutage bezeichnet man damit jedoch die jüdische Volksmusik im allgemeinen Sinne. Der Ursprung der Klezmermusik liegt in Osteuropa, wo sie vor allem bei den Festen der vielen jüdischen Gemeinden eine wichtige Rolle spielte. Die Einflüsse der Musik aus dem Balkan und dem slawischen Sprachraum wie auch […]

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Eddie Who? (Saxophon)

Eddie Who? Saxophone Quartet (S/AATB) ‚Eddie Who?‘ is reminiscent of the great groove master, the tenor saxophonist Eddie Harris. He was a very independently minded and highly esteemed multi-instrumentalist whose music combined bluesy and groovy elements. His greatest hit was ‚Freedom Jazz Dance‘. He became popular when working together with the pianist and singer Les […]

Funk-A-Lot (Saxophon)

Funk-A-Lot Saxophone Quartet (S/AATB) ‚Funk-A-Lot‘ is based on an old Hungarian traditional. The performance of the melodic part should be rhythmically accurate – and, mostly, very short. Many of the notes contained herein require a clean tongue attack. The solo part is mainly determined by the use of material borrowed from the blues and pentatonic […]

The Beauty of Space (Saxophon)

The Beauty of Space Saxophone Quartet (AATB) Inspired by Jackson Pollock paintings from 1947. Noten für: Saxophon Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV7443 Noten Informationen und Preis: The Beauty of Space

Blues for 2 (Saxophon)

Blues for 2 This compilation containing 16 easy duets for saxophone or other instruments in the same key are based on the 12-bar blues, one of the cornerstones of modern popular music of northamerican origin.The duets feature grooves and riffs characteristic of different styles for the players to get familiar with the most essential basic […]

Concert For Solo Clarinet And Wind Ensemble (Blasorchester)

Concert For Solo Clarinet And Wind Ensemble Instrumentation: piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, Eb clarinet, 3 Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, solo clarinet, 4 Bb trumpets, 4 f horns, 3 trombones, euphonium, tuba, string bass, timpani, snare drum, cymbals, bass drum Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV60004 Noten Informationen und Preis: Concert For […]

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Concert For Trombone And Wind Ensemble (Blasorchester)

Concert For Trombone And Wind Ensemble Instrumentation: Piccolo, 2x Flute 1/2, 2x Oboe 1/2, Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet 1, Bb Clarinet 2, Bb Clarinet 3, Bass Clarinet, 2x Bassoon 1/2, Solo Trombone, 2x Trumpet 1/2, 2x Trumpet 3/4, 2x F Horn 1/2, 2x F Horn 3/4, Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Trombone 3, Euphonium, Tuba, String […]

Die Streiche von Max & Moritz (Sinfonieorchester)

Die Streiche von Max & Moritz Eine Bubengeschichte für Orchester und Erzähler, nach Wilhelm Busch.Prelude and seven tricks for orchestra and narrator, after Wilhelm Busch.Instrumentation: piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, English horn, 2 Bb clarinets, Bb bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, contrabasson, Eb alto saxophone, 4 French horns in F, 3 C trumpets, 2 trombones, bass […]

Morgen Kinder wird's was geben (Streichorchester)

Morgen Kinder wird's was geben Das fröhliche Arrangement ist praxiserprobt und wurde mehrfach vom Streicherensemble ‚Saitenschwung‘ in Falkensee bei Berlin aufgeführt. Die Akzeptanz bei Musikern und Publikum ist hervorragend: Pure Spielfreude. Das Tempo ist gemäßigt schnell, der Satz ist einfach, trotzdem wirkungsvoll. Die bekannte Melodie ist von lustigen Zwischenspielen umrahmt. Das Stück liegt beim Schwierigkeitsgrad […]

Tango La Invitación (Sinfonieorchester)

Tango La Invitación Adapted and orchestrated by Charles Heiden Intrumentation: 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Bb Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns in F, 2 Bb Trumpets, Percussion (2 Players), 8x Violin 1+2, 8x Viola, 4x Cello, 4x Bass Written in 1999 at the invitation of Eugene Symphony Orchestra conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya for his innovative program […]

A Klezmer Wedding (Gemischtes Ensemble)

A Klezmer Wedding Optional String Pack. Compatible with the following arrangements: ADV06401 (String Quartet), ADV08405 (Woodwind Quartet), ADV08406 (Clarinet Quartet). Klezmer is the centuries-old, celebratory music of the Eastern European Jews. Long associated with old-world style weddings and the dancing that follows, this music has experienced a major revival as part of a global fascination […]

Sketches of China (Streichorchester)

Sketches of China Sketches of China is an evocation of that ancient land, written following a 5-province performing tour of China by Mike (with his wife Annalisa) as bassoonist and oboist of the Arrieu Wind Quintet in 2000. The first setting was for oboe and bassoon, created to depict the sounds of a Chinese oboe […]

Souvenir of Guanajuato (Streichorchester)

Souvenir of Guanajuato 6-movement suite for string orchestra I. Plaza del Baratillo (Plaza of the Cheapskate) Around a Florentine fountain given to the city by the Emperor Maximilian, every day is a bartering market day, and the Cheapskate could be the merchant or the customer. II. El Burro Viejo (The Old Donkey) Outside the Alhondiga […]

Suite for Cello & String Orchestra (Streichorchester)

Suite for Cello & String Orchestra Three movements: I. After the Rain, II. The Early Years, III. Finale Duration: appr. 22 minutes Medium advanced Recorded on ‚After the Rain‘ (CFP012201), available directly from or through the Advance Music distribution service. Extra full score order no. 40017 Noten für: Streichorchester Notenverlag: Advance Music ADV40016 Noten […]

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